10996981_1016763891686253_1155223877635859617_oMore underwear/swimwear brands need to do runway shows. There are only a handful of them right now. I talked to Ca-Rio-Ca after the show and they told me they were a last minute fill in for LA Fashion Week. They basically had 48 hours to put together a runway show. It take brands weeks to get everything in order but Ca-Rio-Ca took the bull by the horns and embraced this as a challenge. It was a challenge they rocked!

I suggest you watch the video. The show looked like they had been working on it for weeks. It was very well done and a lot of fun. Gil, the owner, told me they did a casting at Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles. Casting is complete and they move to the show. It opened with Carnival dancers. Then the they showcased the amazing swim they have for this year.


There are two highlights that stand out with the models. The first is the model who did the back flips down the runway and then a little break dancing. The second was the two models walking the young boy down the catwalk. We posted that picture on the blog a few weeks ago.

I hope we get to see them in another show soon! Watch the video it’s a little over 7 minutes and a lot of fun! The Ca-Rio-Ca store is open in LA, so if you’re in the area stop by!

CA-RIO-CA SUNGA CO. Collection | Style Fashion Week 2015 | Runway Show from CA-RIO-CA WEAR on Vimeo.

CA-RIO-CA Runway show debuted at Style Fashion Week Los Angeles 2015
:: Sunga Collection 2015 ::
STYLING — Gazelle Paulo
HAIR — Prive Hair
VIDEO — Thuc Win
Pierre Abena
Joseph Boyd
Williams Dostes
Asaf Goren
Daniel Schuler
Aaron Thornton
Jordan Torres
Jake Mast
Willian Mello
Dorian Reeves
Jordan Rodriguez
Evan Warner
Young Model: Christian Navarrte
Girl Dancers: Ana Massette & Mariza Montoya
Male Dancer: Bruno Carvalho
Capoeira Dancers: Osei Vita & Alioune Gueye

Wilhelmina Models Los Angeles
Frontiers Magazine
Style Fashion Week
Live Event Films


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