41dnfV47BLLPikante is another one of those brands that I have always associated with a more daring, sexy look to their underwear.  Several of their items that I have seen online seem like they are better suited for a night of fun in the bedroom as opposed to a long day at the office.  So when I received my next review pair you can imagine what thought went through my head.  I opened up the package and found Pikante’s Mardi Gras Mesh Thong in my hands for my review.  This pair of underwear does not have a lot of fabric to it and leave pretty much nothing to the imagination.  What was my first thought?  How am I going to make it through a work day wearing this?  I will be honest and say that I decided to start off small on this one and wore it on  a date to dinner.

The thong has an elastic waistband featuring the Pikante logo around it several times.  The logo is a fun font including a pepper for the “i” adding a little spice to the name.  The material is a nylon and spandex combination which at first touch, feels a little rougher than what you are used to.  Apart from the waistband, there is very little material and very little cover up.  Prior to my evening out, I slipped the pair on to make sure I could be comfortable to last through dinner.  The look of this thong is so sexually intriguing its hard not to feel a little excited wearing it for someone.  Underneath the waistband, there is no fabric, leaving the entire pubic area and bottom of the shaft visible.  Personal tip:  You may want to trim prior to wearing this pair of underwear for added visual appeal.  Two straps dive down to create a mesh see thru pouch that holds the remainder of your package.  As you can see, everything is visible when you wear this thong so you will leave nothing to the imagination for whoever you choose to see you wearing it.  The back of the thong continues the trend of the little to no fabric with the classic “T” look.  There is a thin strap coming straight down from the middle of the back of the waistband, resting between the cheeks to form a “T”.  There is no other fabric for the back, leaving everything exposed.  You would not think this would be a comfortable pair of 220x277_VPK8007R_Bunderwear to wear and that it is purely meant for the bedroom but I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised how comfortable I was in it during my evening out.

I wear a medium and although there is not much fabric to determine whether or not things are truly to size, I did feel the waistband was on the tighter side but I had enough room and comfort in the pouch to offset any discomfort from the tighter waistband.  The strap down the back did not pose any discomfort and to me was very unnoticeable.

All in all I was surprised that the underwear was more functional underneath a pair of jeans than anticipated.  I definitely feel that this is a pair that you will wear with a purpose as I did.  You can’t beat the design.  It is so appealing to look at and that is what I love about underwear.  Not all underwear is made for your basic everyday wear and that is what this is.  I may still try to wear it throughout a work day coming up to see how it holds up.  As I mentioned for this review, I wore this pair on a date and had a great time going through dinner knowing what was underneath my clothes.  And at the end of the night, I think my date appreciated it too.


  • Design
  • Comfortable mesh material
  • Fun, playful logo design


  • Tight waistband
  • Daily functionality


  • Daily Fit = 7
  • Sizing = 8
  • Construction Materials = 8
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 7
  • Overall = 8

GDD World furnished this thong.



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