Swimwear season is here and it’s time to get some great swimwear. C-IN2 has released a massive new swimwear collection. It has around 14 new pairs ranging from board shorts to swim briefs. So there is something for everyone in this collection.

I love this colleciton because it’s very colorful and fun. They are taking the current underwear lines and adapting them into swimwear lines. Meaning they aren’t doing a literal translations of the styles but taking the core of them and making new patterns and colors. The perfect example of that is the Culture Club collection

c-in2 Scrimage No Show Brazilian


C-IN2 Culture Club CarnivalCULTURE CLUB CARNIVAL – $44

c-in2 culture club bizzareCULTURE CLUB BIZARRE – $44

c-in2 H+A+R+D Lo No Sho BrailianH+A+R+D LO NO SHOW BRAZILIAN – $44

C-in2 H+A+R+D TrunkH+A+R+D TRUNK – $48

C-IN2 super lo now show BrazilianSUPER SOLID LO NO SHOW BRAZILIAN – $44

C-in2 Super Bold trunkSUPER SOLID TRUNK – $48

C-in2 Scrimmage swim trunkSCRIMMAGE SWIM TRUNK – $65

C-in2 Culture Club Lo No Show BrazilianCULTURE CLUB LO NO SHOW BRAZILIAN – $40

C-IN2 HARD Scrimmage Board shortsH+A+R+D BY SCRIMMAGE BOARD SHORTS – $80

C-IN2 Against the Ropes BrazilianAGAINST THE ROPES BRAZILIAN – $40

This is not all the swim so check out all the styles on the C-IN2 website


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