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Welcome to Fetish Friday! After our reader survey we realize how much you guys like fetish/eroticwear. So the Fetish Friday will be returning. It maybe weekly or bi weekly depending on what we have to share with you guys. The fetish market spans across all sexual orientations. No longer is fetish wear just relegated to the gay boys. The straight guys are catching up on this one!

The first line we are going to cover in this series is the Go Softwear Hard Core. Specifically three different pairs. They are the Street Suspend It Jock, Gluteus Brief and Gluteus Boxer. There are a few more pieces in the line such as a tank, pants, shorts and vest. You should definitely go to the Go Softwear site and check them out!

Go Softwear is no stranger to the world of erotic/fetish wear. They have the Noir and previous Hard Core collections under their belt. No pun intended. The newest additions to the Hard Core line are super fun. Which is what you want in erotic wear. Why go for something that doesn’t show off everything you have.

hard core jock

The Suspend-It Jock is pretty self explanatory. Its a jock that has a hole in it so you can “suspend your manhood.” The fabric of the jock is cotton/lycra blend with the hole opening has a pleather trim that will stretch to fit any size. So you won’t have to worry you are too big for this pair. The pair also has a newly designed 1 1/2 inch waistband with the Hard Core name on it. The leg straps are a matching elastic but 1 inch width. Retails for $22

hardcore gluteus brief

Gluteus Brief – You maybe asking what is a Gluteus Brief? It’s what Go Softwear is calling a jock brief. I will admit the name is very descriptive and interesting. This pair has the same fabric as the Jock. It’s a cotton/lycra blend with a pleather trim. Also, there are pleather inserts on each side of the pouch. The brief also has the same 1 1/2 waistband. Retails for $27.50.
hard core gluetus boxer

Gluteus Boxer – If you figured out the Gluteus brief is a jock brief you will know this is a jock boxer. The newest hybrid in the world of men’s underwear. This has the same as above in fabric and waistbands. The thing that is different is the boxer has a 10 inch side seam. This is a longer boxer brief. It should come to your mid thigh. So if you’re looking or something shorter I would suggest the brief. Retails for $28.50

The colors that are available in this line are black and charcoal. I would say get the black. The first is it looks like leather and the second its HOT! But get the color you like best! The line mixes both the traditional fabric with pleather accents. This would be a great starter for those venturing into the world of fetish wear. It’s not totally over the top but its still super sexy. Go Softwear did an amazing job on this collection. If you like it go to Go Softwear and check out the entire new Hard Core collection!


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