9687-neye__1_This is the first time we have revealed out reader survey results. Mainly because we have always asked about UNB and not about you guys. So this year we want to know what you guys love and what is your passion in underwear, swimwear, eroticwear and spandex.

This was the biggest turn out we have ever had in a survey. You guys really loved sharing your love of undies and we love it! It will help us draft new content that you guys will find valuable. With out further talking let’s get on to the results, which is what you came to see.

Before we go into those, one last thing. We have great mix of gay, straight and bisexual guys. We have a lot more of the later than I ever thought which is awesome. When I first started 7 years ago I never thought we would have such a big bi/straight guy fan base! How man pairs do you own

How many pairs of underwear do you guys have? You guys about 20-60 pairs a piece with a few having 60-120 pairs (23%). I thought we would have more guys with massive collections. But that requires space for all the undies and not many have that kind of drawer space.

how often do you buy

How often do you guys buy underwear? I was surprised we didn’t have one person answer every day! But almost 50% of you buy a few times a month. The rest guy a few times a year. Shopping almost have do their shopping online. If you are shopping in person the top three store are Underwear Specialty stores, Department stores and Close Out stores are the most shopped by our readers

wear one pair a day


Do you wear more than one pair a day?  It was something we hear every so often and it’s almost 50/50. 53% of you wear more than one pair of underwear a day. That could be going to the gym, changing throughout the day.

what styles

What Styles do you guys love? This question we allowed more than one answer or you could choose them all! The most popular style is a Brief. Almost 70% of you wear them. The remaining top 5 are Boxer Brief, Trunk and Jock and Bikini tied for 5th. Don’t worry a thong wasn’t too far behind!

worn a swim brief

Have you ever worn a swim brief? This has been a running question on the blog and 74% of you have worn them! The next question ties in to this one is what style of swim wear do you wear now

what swim style do you wear

Surprisingly the Brief is top of our charts at 36%. Followed by Shorts and Trunks almost tied. Shorts are at 22% and Trunks at 21%. The board short number still surprised me it was that high. Thongs are still the smallest in number of guys wearing and size! Yeah I had to put that in

singlets and spandex

Do you guys like singlets and Spandex? The biggest answer is No, which again surprised me. But when you combine the other numbers it is close. You guys like singlets and spandex. It’s more split than undies but there is still guys out there who are just undies lovers. On the converse 66% of you love eroticwear. So I”m sure many of you erotic lovers love spandex as well. I knew you guys loved erotic wear but didn’t think it would be so high!


Do you like real guys or models? This is a question we always ask internally. I have always thought a mix is best for the blog. And I was right in thinking this 52% of you guys want a mix of models, real guys and up and coming models. Then there are the 32% who want real guys over models. Well we are “real guys real underwear”

what size

What size are you guys? Over 2/3 of you guys are Large and Mediums. With Mediums being the most common size on the blog. This was one I figured would look this way. Not too many small and XL and more mediums and Larges.

We hope you enjoy this look at results. Myself and the staff will use this to come up with new ideas for the blog and content. Fell free to always email us and give us feedback on the blog. We love hearing from you guys! And thanks for filling out our Survey!



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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