I will say I am loving the Jock club from His Jock. When they asked me to join and review them on the site I was excited. But, I forgot I was in it and then out of the blue (well when monthly selections are mailed out) a new jock came. I was like OH YEAH. It’s a fun thing to get underwear in the mail when you forget about it!

This months selection is the Cellblock13 Locker Jock. The Locker Jock is an old school jock. Meaning its modeled after the traditional jock. The wade three-inch waistband, 1 inch leg straps and pouch. I personally love these kinds of jocks. No offence to current jocks but this one reminds me of when I first fell for undies and got my very first jock. At that time it was only these and swimmer jocks. The whole fashion jocks had yet to come to pass.

The waistband was awesome. Back in the day they had wonky sizes that made the jocks uncomfortable to me. I mean it would be like a 32 – 38 or something crazy like that. So it was just short of a one size fits all. This band was amazing and didn’t bind. I got the yellow pair so that added to the whole experience. I love bright colors.

I wore this to run errands. I figured what better to wear to run around town in! Again the waistband was awesome and so were the leg straps. They never rolled up felt uncomfortable. My only complaint would be a bigger pouch. It didn’t fit me as well as I thought. It was a little tight. But this I think is more of a personal preference. I have a bit up front to me it was small. The pair also was very well made. Timoteo has very good quality and uses top notch materials

Sizing for Timoteo is pretty standard over the years. You should check out the sizing chart and you shouldn’t have too much of an issue. But note they do run a bit smaller in sizing then other brands. So don’t assume you are one size in Timoteo. Double check the guide!


  • Amazing waistband
  • Top Notch quality
  • Retro Old school design


  • Bigger pouch needed
  • Some guys may like more fashion jocks


  • Daily fit: 7
  • Sizing 9
  • Construction 9
  • Styling 9
  • Daily Performance 8
  • Overall: 8.4

His Jock sent this pair in for review. We are part of the Jock of the Month Club. Join the Jock of the month club or find this pair on the His Jock Site

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