Are you a big fan of  swimwear that shows off the body you have worked for? I’m not talking a skimpy. I’m talking about a pair that incorporates mesh and has an amazing pouch. As you can see by our picture featuring Michael, from our UNB Swim Guide this year. The new N2N Bodywear Nitro X is just such a suit!

N2N Bodywear has always been known for creating amazing pouches. Some of my favorite swimwear has been form them and the last pair that had, and the pouch was the main reason I loved it, was the Strata. The guys at N2N really know how to make amazing swimwear that shows off everything a guy has to offer.

The Nitro X is a pair of swimwear that has a solid pouch but a mostly solid back. Around the top and bottom of the back its mesh. The mesh extends always to the pouch in front. So the goods in the front are hidden but the back, well its mostly hidden. When I saw this in Vegas I knew it would be an instant hit with the boys. Its enough of a show off to be sexy without being too much.

A funny story about the pair was when we shot the guide. It was a pair that the guys kind of looked at strange. Granted most of our models, except for Nathan, in the shoot had never really worn a swim brief before, needless to say a pair as wild as this. I will say they were troopers and no one really complained about this or any pair.

The Nitro X comes in 5 colors. They are black, white, blue, orange and lime. The mesh on all the pairs is white. This makes it so that in day light it’s not too noticeable like a black mesh would be in sun light. But get it wet and that’s a different story. But, if you are wearing this pair on the beach you would have no problem showing off!

Its made of 83% nylon 17% spandex for the main body and the mesh is a 83% polyester 17% spandex blend. The pair has a draw string waist so no worries about it coming off in the water. As mentioned above it has the n-hance pouch N2N is known for in their designs. Lastly, N2N logo is on the back panel.

If you want a pair to show off this is the pair for you. You can find the Nitro X on the N2N Bodywear site for $36.00.



Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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