NP1-15-BN2N Bodywear has been one of my favorite brands since back in the Mojave collection days.  That was one of my favorite lines that I still wear to this day and wish they would bring back!  With that said, I was excited to see all of the new underwear that came out in 2015 for them.  My first new pair for them that I have worn in a while was the Primary Collection jockstrap.  First off, what a great bold pair of underwear!  I received the green jockstrap which is a beautiful shade of green, complete with yellow accents on the waistband, down the sides of the pouch and the straps of the butt.  The waistband features the N2N name as well as LA, depicting that the pair is made in LA.  Needless to say,  I was quite excited!

I had a jam packed day set for this jockstrap that I knew it could handle.  I slipped the pair on first thing that morning in preparations for my work day.  It fits just as N2N Bodywear is known to fit, snug in all of the right places, allowing for support where needed.  I wear a medium and it sit nicely on the waist, was not too tight, allowed enough room in the pouch to be comfortable, and straps cupped the butt very nicely.  The pair held up wonderfully throughout my busy work day which usually consists of a lot of the normal office routines of constant up and down movements with sitting, standing and walking.  I never had to adjust myself nor did I have any discomfort which is a big plus for me.  No one wants to be trapped at work in underwear they just want to take off.  It’s made of a 90% cotton and 10% spandex combination.NP1-15-Full

After my work day I decided to really test it out and hit the gym with a friend.  I love a versatile jockstrap that is fashionable yet athletic.  If a jockstrap is able to functional and fashionable, it meets my wish list.  I loved working out in this jockstrap.  Again, I felt no discomfort and thought it gave me that extra support around the butt that a jockstrap is supposed to have.  I think I made my friend jealous with how great I was feeling!  To top off the evening we hit the bar for a few beers after the gym.  Overall I wore this jockstrap for 15 hours that day with no problem!  That is impressive N2N!

N2N Bodywear has the jockstrap available in green, red, and blue.  The Primary line is also available in other styles such as bikini, brief, and boxer.


  • Comfortable
  • Great design and color combinations
  • Supportive pouch and straps


  • More colors to expand the collection!


  • Daily Fit = 10
  • Sizing = 9.5
  • Construction Materials = 9
  • Styling = 9
  • Daily Performance = 9.5
  • Overall = 9.5

This jockstrap was supplied by N2N Bodywear and is available on their site for $20.00



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