When did you first discover your love of undies?

I discovered my love for undies when I was around 13/ 14. A very interesting time in my life, I was making more art but in a more serious manner, Coming to terms that I was Bisexual (well back then I just knew I liked boys and girls), as well as exploring what I would later in life consider to be fun colourful and sexy undies.

What style was you favorite when you started to love underwear (boxer brief, brief, jock, thong or etc)?

At first I was in love with boxer briefs. The main reason I thought boxers or briefs were the only choices for men/ boys (how silly of me to learn in many years later how truly foolish the idea of gender roles truly are).  However when I explored more in my life with undies…I’m loving thongs and boy shorts. The main reason it’s a tie between these two

When you bought you first pair of underwear what brand and style was it?

I bought my first pair of underwear when I was 16 (roughly when I started working) It was a pair of Hanes Bikini. As I’m sure many have experienced…the butterflies in your stomach as you look aimlessly at countless packages with men so sculpted on them that they put statues to shame. As far as brand went, I had always trusted Hanes. This made it a more comfortable transition from traditional to….new!

What influenced your underwear buying habits when you first started your passion (catalogues, internet or friends)?

I was more influenced by catalogues ( I wasn’t lucky enough to have the internet when I was younger), just the way the male and female models looked was amazing. Then again…money did play a big part, most times I couldn’t afford the styles that I loved so more often then not, I had to buy what I could afford.

 Are there any brands you had to have when you started buying?  Did you ever get a pair?

There are a few (I don’t think those companies are still around) However I did happen to get a few pairs (maybe not the best way) some were on sale, others were given to me. Mind you, most of the super sexy undies I received were from women.

Did your first pair still influence the styles you wear today?

I would say so, My undies are tighter and sexier (I feel). With my first pair being boxer briefs…not very hard
to beat something like that. A true story, Don’t get me wrong I do love wearing both boxers and briefs but they are more my lazy day go too undies.

What is your favorite style today?

My top undies are thong, cheeky, and boy shorts. Mind you Cheeky and Boy Shorts are pretty much the same thing< just a bit of differance in the amount of fabric. Anywho, I like them because of the fact that you still cet the comfort and coverage in the front and…a little showing off of the bum (Cheeky more so than Boy Shorts). Thong, Who doesn’t love a sexy secret?

Who are you favorite brands now?

My favourite brands are a large range so rather than sit here and type out a  long and wordy list of brands but…I’ll do my top favourites and hope all are happy with that. Hanes, CandyMan, ManPower, Boy Rio, Timmys Secret, Ergo Wear. Like I said I don’t want to give away all my hidden brand Gems.

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Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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