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When you think of erotic and fetishwear one of the brands that always comes to mind is Gregg Homme. They have made so many amazing pairs over the years. One thing they haven’t ventured into was the world of leather. Leather and fetish kind of go hand in hand. However, Gregg Homme wouldn’t do just any type of leather, it would have to be fashionable and in the GH spirit!

In August when I last saw Gregg Homme they showed me this collection. They were telling me they were going into leather. I was intrigued big time. This line is made out of 100% top-quality, Italian lambskin leather. Which means its super soft and not like the pairs you may see in a leather bar. Rather it’s more fashionable and fun. Don’t worry about the pair being too rough against your skin it’s lined with cotton.

I got to feel and touch these pairs in Vegas. It really surprised me how soft they were and amazing they felt. These are pairs of leather underwear you can actually wear all day. Like all Gregg Homme underwear it’s not made just for play time but rather feel sexy all day. Also, these are some of the most expensive pairs of underwear they have ever made.

There are three styles in the Real Leather line. Those styles are Pouch, Thong and brief. The pouch is more of a g-string cut. There are also three different colors in each. They are black, red and aqua. It’s mandatory I think when you do leather you have to have a black pair. The red is my personal favorite. It just pops. Many out there may like the Aqua. It is not a color you would expect in leather!

As you would expect leather underwear is cared for different than regular underwear. This is not a pair you can just throw in the washing machine and dryer. If you are interested and haven’t worn leather before take that into account. This is one pair I would follow the care instructions to a T. Because you would hate to ruin a $100 pair of underwear.

The string retails for $64.95, the thong is $93.95 and the brief comes in at $136.95. I told you they were pricy. If you do get it and care for the pair it will last you for quite a few years. Also, this could be your first pair of leather underwear and would be a great starter pair!


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