Go BareThe title may sound odd but Timoteo has a new line called Bare. Why is it called Bare? Well glad you asked! I know we have many readers who hate waistbands. I mean they really hate waistbands and prefer a waistband the smaller the better. Timoteo, has been known for their awesome waistbands over the years, the Bare is for Waistband dislikers!

Timoteo says this is a “minimalist style.” I would have to agree. You will notice it definitely sits lower on the waist. Timoteo says its ultra clean and sexy. You maybe asking why the change in designs? Timoteo is a company that is always designing the next best pair of underwear. I think Timoteo is one of the great underwear designers of our generation. I don’t say that lightly. He likes to experiment and have fun with underwear!

The Bare comes in a brief and jock brief. I will say I would love to see their take on a boxer brief in this line. The brief and jock brief are perfect pairs for the line. Each pair comes in white, black and blue. Each pair has a contrasting waistband color. The Brief retails for $20 and Jock Brief is $21 on the Timoteo site.



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