NEW BRIEFS FROM XTREMEN -Xtremen has been a brand well known for boxer briefs. If you are a boxer brief fan you may already know the brand. If not we will give you a brief introduction today. The brand has been around for a few years. It has always been about 95% boxer briefs and 5% briefs. The last collection I think was almost 100% boxer briefs. That ratio is changing this collection.

The official description is: Xtremen takes underwear into high-performance territory rolling out a collection of fabrics designed to withstand the everyday rigors of the everyday man. Whether he s a casual runner full-time athlete or just braving the urban jungle in a suit and tie Xtremen design and fabrics provide the support comfort and wearability he needs.

You can wear the brand for physical activities or to the office. The pairs are made to give you needed support and look great while wearing them! If your’e a boxer brief fan, don’t worry it won’t change too much but there are 4 new briefs released in the collection. We are going to share a few of the new pairs with you, including the new briefs!

Xtremen 51361 Microfiber Boxer Color – For those who like a longer boxer brief, this pair is for you. It comes in Gray and Turquoise. Made out of a Nylon/Polyester blend with a contour pouch.

Xtremen 51365 Microfiber Boxer Color – A shorter boxer than the previous one. Comes mid thigh. Has a metallic waistband that off sets the main color (white, red or turquoise). Made out of a Nylon/Polyester blend as well.

Xtremen 91001 Brief Color – This brief has a very classic design. Made with the fly front with the white piping accents. The design is the only thing classic. It has a shiny Xtremen branded waistband. The colors are anything but traditional being red and green. The fabric is not the traditional cotton but 60 Polyester 32 Cotton 8 Spandex blend.

Xtremen 91002 Brief Color – Whereas the previous was a classic take on a brief this is a more modern take on how to make a brief. The material is a silky soft Nylon/Polyester blend. The trim accents are a nice touch. The trim contrasts the colored waistband. Available in white-blue or white-red.

91004 (2)

Xtremen 91004 Brief Color – Who doesn’t like a mesh brief? This is a blend of 80 Nylon 10 Polyester 10 Spandex.
Sheer mesh allows for flexibility and breathability.Its more of a sports mesh as well. It’s available in Black and Blue

Xtremen 91006 Brief – This is a total departure for the line. Its a bikini cut (no sides) with two cut outs on the front and back. Most of the pairs in Xtremen have been full cut, this is a very small cut and will show off a lot more! The fabric is 80 Nylon 10 Polyester 10 Spandex. The back while skimpy cut offers full coverage in the back!

You can find all these pairs at See the entire collection at GDD World.

NOTE: UNB TIM Does consulting work for Candyman Fashion and GDD World but all opinions are his own


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