We have many readers who need and love a bigger pouch. WildmanT, who is no stranger to creating sexy and fun undies. Has created the Big Boy Pouch underwear! The name pretty much sums up the big part of the collection (no pun intended). Here is their description:

The WildmanT Big Boy Pouch line is perfect for the men with Big Junk! This Big Pouch was designed to hold a lot. The roomy pouch slips around and holds your boys with easy and comfort. No more smashing your balls or sticking to your legs. The pouch surrounds your manhood and allows it to swing freely with the easy your low hangers were meant to! Plus the great comfort mesh allows your boys to get some fresh air!

One thing you will notice is the line is made in all black. Which can be quite sexy and hot. There is something to be said for a black pair of underwear. It never goes out of style! Speaking of styles, the styles available are a Pouch Brief, Pouch Bikini, Boxer Brief, Micro Thong and the Pouch thong. They range from classic to skimpy!

One reason I Love this line is because its taking a classic pair, the basic black brief. Then turned it into something super sexy. This is true if you are one of those guys who need a bigger pouch. Speaking from experience there is nothing worse than a pouch that confines and restricts your anatomy.

Find the line at the WildmanT site! See the entire line below


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