n068L1754-2“This weather… am I right?” – the classic go-to conversation starter that never fails to break the ice in any awkward elevator ride.  Honestly, this weather definitely has me longing for warm summer days. Even though we may be in the heat of winter (bad pun). It doesn’t mean you can’t start considering what you’ll be strutting around in the warm days ahead.  Thankfully Teamm8 recently released their 2016 swim line. Which is sure to grab your attention. As a new UNB blogger, I want to make it crystal clear that I am huge supporter of swim briefs. (I am going to launch a campaign; stay tuned). So there are some pieces in this collection that are right up my alley.  The 16’ collection features swim briefs, swim shorts, and board shorts.  Available in three sophisticated collections: Podium, Pier, and Marine. Each inspired by a unique theme.

The Podium collection couples an Aztec-inspired pattern with a black and white print. Which makes for a more subtle mature look.  This collection is available in swim briefs and swim shorts. In this collection the swim shorts have a snap waist.  The combination of the intricate pattern and neutral color pallet makes the Podium collection perfect for the day where you want a little edge. But not to be too loud.

The Pier collection combines a clean nautical color pallet.  White and teal, with a modern chevron print.  This collection features swim briefs, swim shorts and board shorts. Which all have a tie waist.  When I look at this pair, I definitely envision myself cutting through waves on a sail boat in the Mediterranean… we can all dream.

Last but not least. The Marine collection blends aquarium-inspired colors into an arrowhead print, for an edgier look.  Unlike the Podium and Pier prints, the Marine print is characterized by a stream of blue hues accented with coral highlights throughout.  This collection features swim briefs, swim shorts, and board shorts. if you’re not into the Marine print, there is a solid board short option. I definitely recommend the Marine collection to those adventurous guys who want to give off great ocean vibes.

Regarding the deeds.  The briefs are cut with a 3″ hip width as well as a solid contrast waistband.  Which is a more classic/conservative fit and look.  The elastic tubular tie-cord is finished with metal tips and eyelets. Which are crucial for a good pair that will hold up for years of use; I love this feature on swim briefs.  The 80% nylon and 20% elastane material is bound to provide a comfortable for all day activates.  While the back of the brief is unlined, the front is lined for the extra support and coverage.  Currently you can find these directly from the Teamm8 website for around $74 AUD (~$52 USD).  The only beef I have with this brief is the center seamed front pouch.  Again, this is preferential, but it’s my #1 pet peeve with swim briefs. I will continue to fight for seamless briefs!  Are you with me?!

Besides the swim briefs, this collection also includes two cuts of shorts.  Standard short and board short, both of which are made of 100% polyester and have an inner lining for added comfort.  The board shorts have a longer inseam (knee length), while the swim short let’s your skin breathe a tad bit more (mid-thigh length).  The waist bands on both cuts are fully elastic.  The front has reinforced tabs for added durability.  Also like the swim briefs.  The elastic tubular tie-cord is finished with metal tips and eyelets.  Both cuts have two side pockets and one back pocket, all of which are finished with accented trims. but the swim shorts feature a zipper for the back pocket.  Like the swim briefs. You can catch these directly from the Teamm8 website (both cuts) for $79 AUD (~$56 USD).

While I can appreciate all of the cuts offered in this product line. I’m obviously biased towards the swim briefs, because they ROCK. My taste is more drawn to the Pier collection as I can be a sucker for simple chevron patterns, but to each their own. I definitely need to squeeze my derriere into a pair of these sweet Teamm8 swimmers, kick it at the beach with my girlfriend, and chain-drink pina coladas. Don’t hate, you guys can’t deny their deliciousness


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