Teamm8 has just dropped a bombshell of a collection that’s turning heads and raising eyebrows (in the best way possible)! Meet The Manuel Collection: a steamy collaboration, it has us all hot under the collar, thanks to the triple threat – musician, model, and actor Manuel Kornisiuk. This isn’t your dad’s underwear drawer; it’s a full-on, transparent, honest-to-goodness, sexy AF lineup that dares you to bare (almost) all.

Let’s dive into the sheer madness of it all. Fancy showing a little skin? Slip into their full sheer bikini brief and feel the breeze. More of a tease? The sheer tank top and boxer briefs have covered you (but, like, not too covered). And because Teamm8 knows we’re not just black and white characters, they’ve splashed in some Verde alongside the classic Black for that extra pop of “Look at me!”

The Manuel Collection is all about breaking free from the mundane and embracing your sensuality with a cheeky wink. With Manuel Kornisiuk sprinkling his magic dust over the designs, each piece is a ticket to the bold and beautiful side of life. Whether you’re strutting your stuff at home or making the pavement your runway, these pieces promise to keep things interesting.

In essence, Teamm8’s latest creation is more than just underwear; it’s a vibe. It’s for the daring, the bold, and anyone who believes that being sexy is a state of mind. So, if you’re ready to turn up the heat and strut your stuff with the confidence of a runway model (even if it’s just to your fridge), The Manuel Collection is calling your name. Let’s get cheeky, shall we?

The MANUEL underwear collection: 


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