Hello Kinksters and Curious! Allow me to introduce you to the new and incredible weekly column,“FETISH FRIDAYS”! Each week, we will feature fetish-wear of all kinks and tastes from the best brands around. We will also occasionally have some provocative interviews with fantastic fetish-wear models, designers, celebrators. I have extremely high hopes for just how awesome this column will be. Please share your thoughts in the comments section; I will keep an eye out.

For the inaugural post and I wanted to share a personal favorite in my arsenal; surprise surprise, it’s from Fort Troff. If you don’t know Fort Troff, they are an amazing sex-positive kink-positive hardcore sex toy and gear store located in Atlanta. They don’t have a huge clothing selection, but what they do carry is phenomenal. Today, I’d like to discuss the Grunt Jock Modular Chassis and Pouch system.


What you buy is a jock that has no pouch on the front, with snaps at the top two corners of the pouch area, and one under the balls. Where the pouch would go is a very thrilling Jock  Armour Cock Ring (also sold as it’s own cock ring). Then, separately, you have 5 different pouches to choose from that snap onto the front of the jock chassis:

  • Black Neoprene00278_25_ft_grunt_jock_casey_more
  • Black Spandex
  • Blue Spandex
  • Yellow Spandex
  • Red Spandex

The built in Armour cock ring is made out of a blend of TPR and Silicone. It is a great size and stretchy-ness especially for the girthy guys out there (represent!). They have redesigned this ring, and I have both the old and new versions. The new version is the comfort equivalent of kinky lounge wear.

The pouches are all cut in the style of more a boxy leather type pouch with a centered vertical strip and curved side walls. The centered strip features the Fort Troff logo. For the neoprene pouch, the sides are textures with little bitty diamonds, which gives it a very hardcore look. The spandex has the same rubber center logo strip with spandex side panels.

I love this jock for many reasons. The first reason is the straps are nice and thick, so they feel firm and steady. The other big feature is the pouch is fully detachable. So when you are ready to reveal the present within, you don’t have an awkward pouch flap hanging between your legs (there should only be one focus between your legs). I personally own the black neoprene pouch and a blue spandex pouch. I like the spandex a little bit more than the neoprene pouch, but love them both for different occasions.


The jock chassis itself is $50, and the Neoprene Pouch and Spandex pouches are $26 and $16 respectively. To start combining your jock, go to Fort Troff

That’s my fav for the day, check back next Friday for another installment of FETISH FRIDAYS!

-TtheAmazing over and out!


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