CX75-frost_white-gallery3I started my underwear journey in small town America. With very little means of acquiring the latest and greatest in men’s underthings.  As I have shared many times before. The only stores in my hometown that sold undies involved Wal-Mart and an old department store named MM Cohn’s.  Wal-Mart carried mainly Hanes bikini briefs and Fruit of the Loom low-rise briefs.  MM Cohn’s had a wonderful selection of Jockey Elance Bikini brief threesomes packaged nicely in a plastic tube.  I can still envision the mannequin torsos bearing the sexy prints and ribs.  I believe the three-pack was $12, and I remember saving up on numerous occasions to purchase the hottest newbies in the store.

One day, while venturing through Wal-Mart with my girlfriend (I was in high school). We stumbled upon some very strappy all silk bikini briefs.  I had to have them.  She bought them for me.  No big deal.  After all, it was the 1990s and everyone wore some form of a brief.  Most guys wore bikini briefs.  It was super socially acceptable at the time—don’t worry guys. I believe we are getting back there. Back to the story: This experience opened Pandora’s box of desire for my undies habits.  I found myself wanting skimpier cuts and sexier fabrics.  I experimented with thongs, string tangas, and even a few jock straps (back when everyone wore them to the gym, but no one wore them for everyday wear).  This spiraled to rayon—SUPER SEXY LOOK AND FEEL. Eventually landed me in the new phenomenon of MESH.

Mesh to me offers several components that I want to explore. Including hole size, breath-ability, and functionality.  I would like my opening statement on this subject to be simple.  MESH IS A PRACTICAL OPTION THAT IS DOWNRIGHT SEXY—Afterall, you can see through it.

So what do I look for when buying mesh briefs (you can get boxer briefs and thongs too)? I’m glad you asked.

HOLE SIZE (Keep Your Mind Out of the Gutter)

The very definition of the word “mesh” is a material that has space between threads at consistent intervals to create openings for air and other substances to pass through. Naturally, the first thing I do is analyze the hole size.  This analysis is done with purpose.  Depending on the activity that you are engaged in, size of the space in the mesh will either limit or delimit your opportunity to succeed at the desired task.

For instance, if I’m going to be working out, I might want a tight mesh (smaller holes).  In my experience, large-hole mesh often causes chafing when I run or do other workout activities for a long period of time.  If I am lifting weights, I can probably go with a larger-hole mesh.  If I am going to be wearing mesh for sex appeal (I’m straight and sometimes wear my undies for my wife’s viewing pleasure). I’m probably going to still choose a small-hole mesh.  Large-hole mesh tends to pinch a growing anatomy (if you know what I mean—not that they’re staying on long anyway).  If I am going to wear them under board shorts (don’t crucify me because I don’t wear swim briefs every time I go to the beach). I’m definitely going to go for larger-hole mesh so the water can run out and the fabric will dry faster. Large-hole is also good for sleeping and lounging on a lazy Saturday.  Now that we’ve gotten the basics out of the way, let’s talk about some of the other things to look for.


Several years ago, the underwear industry went through this very awkward phase of synthetic fabrics that had no porous value at all.  This translated to a sexy feel, but with sweaty balls and butt crack.  The end result was a putrid smell that caused men to lose all sex appeal when undressing.  Thankfully, designers and fabric specialists have found softer modal materials. That eliminate this issue without having to resort solely to the moisture absorbing greatness of cotton.  Although these nice modals and blends exist, if you are truly active, you will like a little extra breathability that is provided by mesh.

I understand that not everyone reading this post walks or runs 6 or 7 miles a day.  Given that most climates in the world have a season of heat accompanied by humidity. I’d say the breathability offered by mesh fabric is still relevant to all.  Where I live, you can lose a pound of body sweat walking from the car to the front door of your house in some of the summer months.  Mesh is just a great option to have at the ready in your underwear drawer.  It breaths well and allows the boys to get fresh air.


Whether you are about to engage in a rapid, heart intensive workout, or your engines are getting revved up for that special loved-one, mesh underwear can be a very functional choice.  I consider the mesh briefs that I have in my collection to be a viable option for everyday wear. However, I want to give two strong words of caution if you are going to branch out in to the realm of mesh underwear.

  1. Beware of the Leg Band: Because of the construction space between the gaps in mesh, the underwear leg band on mesh briefs typically has to be a little bit thicker in order to fully grab ahold of the fabric and not be cheaply built.  What does this mean to you? A thicker leg band often times causes two problems.  The first of which involves your underwear line while wearing tight pants or shorts. The second is that a thicker leg band sometimes causes pinching and binding on the scrotum. Because of these issuses, I recommend that you carefully examine the leg band to ensure that a soft pliable fabric is used to bind the mesh to the frame of the briefs.  This will ensure that your undie line will be reduced as well as the tightness on the legs themselves diminished.  Boxer brief wearers need to follow the same guidance, as the tightness on your thighs is uncomfortable as well.  If you like thongs, don’t worry about.  Thongs don’t have a leg band.
  2. I recently posted a poll on my @manatomicallyme Twitter account asking guys how they like to groom their pubic hair when wearing sexy undies.  Nearly 70% said that they liked the trimmed look so as to not be all jungle bush looking when undressing.  Less than 10% said they liked to go bald and the rest were free-bushing (Natural growth).  I’m not insinuating that you should go bald or trim when wearing mesh, I’m simply asking you to make a conscious choice.  Look in the mirror and decide if you are happy with what you see through the mesh (I can’t help with dangling participle size—consult a doctor for that one).  If you are happy with the look, go with it!  After all, I always recommend that YOU need to be the one who most loves the undies you are wearing. Just be cognizant that you can see through the mesh!

Functionality is key to anything that you are going to be wearing for a long period of time.  I believe the tips that I just gave and the tips that you will discover along your undie journey can help others discover pleasure under their pants.  Remember, that some things function well with some activities while they don’t with others.  Functionality is important when buying any underwear, but especially with mesh.


If you are like me and are constantly scouring the Internet for the sexiest and latest designs and cuts. You are already on the journey to finding great fitting and looking undies.  I personally love to talk about the industry and quite honestly am enjoying the new found freedom that is giving me as a blogger.  I definitely recommend that you take the time to try MESH. Buy a pair and go on a run or a long walk.  See how they feel. Take a nice hot shower, powder your nether regions, and slip into some sexy mesh undies.  Drop your towel or pants like a boss and see how your wife or girlfriend, or whatever your flavor reacts. Talk to others about your experiences.  Heck, comment on this post and let us know! I guarantee you that MESH will liven up your workouts and your love life.  ENJOY!

Picture features Cocksox new Mesh line


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme

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