One of the core lines of C-IN2. It is one of the most comfortable lines that C-IN2 makes. If you’re not familiar with the Hand Me Down line let me break it down for you! Do you have a great pair of underwear that you have had for years? One that is well worn and broken in and fits just right? If you said yes, that is what this line is, a pair that has fabric that feels broken in.

This may sound odd. C-IN2 has a way of creating the fabric that feels amazing. I have tried the line and love the feel. It’s not stiff or too binding. You know how some new undies may feel. You need to wash them a few times before they fit just right.

The new Hand Me Down is a stripe fabric. Stripes I feel aren’t quite a trend in the world of underwear yet. They have been around but not really taken off like prints or the color pink. Stripes definitely have a following. This line has a main color with a constrasting color. For instance the the red has a contrast of a heather/grey. My personal favorite is the green/grey! It just pops for me and I love green.

The colors in the line are: Playing Field Heather (green/grey), Letterman Heather (Gold/Purple), Albers Grey Heather (red/grey) and Victory Heather (blue/black). All of these are great combinations and will brighten up your underwear drawer.

The Hand Me Down comes in some of the classic C-IN2 styles. They are the Profile Brief, Lo No Show Profile Brief, Runner Boxer and Lo No Show Army Trunk. The only one I don’t think most will like is the Runner Boxer. Not a lot of our readers like undies cut like a boxer. However, I could see this as a pair for around the house. The pairs retail from $22 for the briefs and $26 for the Boxer/Trunk.

Find the Hand Me Down Line on the C-IN2 site. See all the colors below in each of the styles



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