Egick002We wanted to introduce you to a brand that came across our radar. They are called Egick. We wanted to give you a bit of info on them and then cover them a lot more in the coming weeks and months! Enjoy our interview.

You have some really great swimwear. Where did the idea of creating Egick Swimwear come from? 

The idea of Egick Swimwear come from a need to find unique underwear and swimwear. With the market of today you can find everything so cheap and everything repeated itself nothing new. So I thought why not to bring something else to the market – something prestigious and really taking care of the shape, cut give more attention to the fabrics the sawing. To create mini collection that will give you the feeling of been unique and chic when you wear it.  I know so many ppl that will be happy to wear a swimwear on the beach and know that he is one of five ppl that have it in the world. You can find Ralph Lauren as one of our clients.


What kind of guy wears Egick swimwear/underwear? 

 All kind of guys. It is really mix of guys that feel confidence in there body and sexuality. Gay, straight and in between.

We here at UNB are trying to get more guys into swim briefs. Egick sells both swim briefs and trunks, which do your customers buy more of? 

My customers more into swim briefs. Swim briefs back to fashion big time. The smallest on the sides the better on my opinion

The prints you are making are amazing. What are the newest collections of swimwear for 2016? 

For 2016 in the new collection has great Animal tiger and giraffe prints and also great turquoise Retro Prints combine with great shape and cut.

Egick has recently launched a line of underwear. What are you lines you are offering in underwear? 

After First great Year This is our 2nd year doing underwear – egick underwear offer mesh underwear with great shape and cut. This year classic underwear with unique soft fabrics and sexy underwear to the men that like some kik in his life


You have a fetish side to your underwear collection. What was the inspiration for this line? 

The inspiration for fetish cloths is my fantasy. When I create a collection as a designer I always think about me wear it first. I like to show my “dark side” and the passion of my sexual side in my life.

What sets Egick apart from other brands? 

 Egick is a boutique brand. we doing only small/mini collections – most of it is limited edition and we don’t do the same model again. So if you want to wear Egick you should check our site once in a while and be the first to have it.

Where can our readers find you on social/net?

  • Our Site :
  • @egick_swimwear on Instagram
  • Facebook :

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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