There are companies that come to mind when you think erotic wear. N2N Bodywear is one of those companies. They make really amazing erotic wear that shows off a guys body. Andrew and Eddie really know how to design amazingly fun gear. It ranges from g-strings to singlets. This year I have been told that this is the first release of many from N2N Bodywear. So stay tuned.

The erotic line still has some of your favorites. They include the Black/Liquid Skins (rubber looking), Sheer (spandex/mesh), and Net (mesh undies). This year they have added the Comic Book Wrestler and the X-treme collection. So let’s take a closer look


The Comic Book Wrestler (CW1) is full cut singlet. Which may seem odd for an erotic collection. But this singlet is super sexy. A full cut singlet is one that comes to the knees and has a tank style top. The style has a racer back. Each pair has a classic comic book saying on the chest. Each color has a different saying. I was going to say I wish it did this, then when I looked, BAM! it was reality. I should have known N2N would rock this singlet. The colors are white, yellow, turquoise and red. Each one has contrasting trim that just pops! Made out of 83% Nylon 17% Spandex. The Comic Book singlet retails for $44


The X-Treme collection is HOT! I say this because it’s sexy but not over the top. The X-treme has just one color. White! The fabric is a spandex and a mesh. The mesh is not see through like in the Sheer collection. The styles are the singlet, runner and wrestler. This collection has one of my favorite styles, which is the singlet. I have one from a previous collection and this cut is super sexy. The low cut, N2N Pouch just fits amazing and shows off everything you want to show off. In this line the pouch is solid. Which means you won’t show off too much. The runner has a solid pouch and stripe down the side and the rest is mesh! Last is the wrestler has the cut similar to the Galaxy Wrestler (if you remember that pair). It has a traditional top and shorter legs. The mesh is in the front and back and solid spandex stripe down the side. Each of these are sexy as hell. I don’t think you’d go running in them but a bar night or fun night at home. The Singlet (WP-4) $44, Runner (WP-3) $40 and Wrestler (WP-2) $44.

Check these and the entire new collection out at the N2N Bodywear site.


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