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I get it, compared with most of my friends I spend way more time thinking, talking, shopping, writing, all things underwear. I’m not apologizing, I’m just saying that I get it. Another thing I am known for amongst some friends of mine is my use of gift giving as a “love language”. I just really enjoy giving people presents, randomly or for a reason. So… this is the Buying Undies for a Friend post!

Some thoughts on buying underwear for friends:

Expose people to new brands:

Lord bless my friends. If they’ve ever bought anything besides Calvin Klein (whom I love) or 5 packs of Hugo Boss or something from Nordstroms. It’s one or two random AC pairs. So treat them to something new! My new favorite brand to expose people to is Jack Adams USA. One, it has the whole Pacific Northwest thing that we PNWers adore. Even if it is Portland :P.  Two, they have very classic pieces, great simple but cute briefs and trunks. So you’re not asking people to try something too far out of their comfort zone. However, pick whomever you like! I have a friend (I’ll tell this story shortly) that I always get different brands for, Armani Exchange, Hugo Boss, etc.

Let’s face it, if you’re reading this on Underwear News Briefs right now. Then you’ve been doing your homework. Don’t make your friends reinvent the wheel, show off some of your knowledge. Give them a new pair of underwear and a new window into brand variety.

Challenge people to try new style:

Again, don’t ask your very conservative friend to wear a jockstrap thong combo from AC right out of the gate. Wait a week or two ;). But really, push people in your selection of an underwear gift. Make sure to keep it within the range you think they’re willing to move. If someone is a very solid boxer briefs person, try giving them a sleek, shorter legged trunk. A good Private Structure one, for instance. They’re probably more likely to actually wear something closer to their normal. Than if you tried to get them into a bikini cut. Well intentioned perhaps but you want them to actually wear it!

If this is a friend that you’ve had conversations with about underwear. You might have a better idea of a new style to try. For instance: I have many friends who know and or follow my posts on the website. They just generally know that I enjoy underwear. So it isn’t too surprising that it comes up in conversations periodically. “Tim, do you really enjoy those pairs that don’t have a butt?” “Are those one kind of, the ones like a jockstrap, are they actually comfortable?” etc. Obviously this means that next time I’m shopping and want to play the part of the Underwear Fairy (take that in whatever way you want). I pick out a pair of assless briefs for said friend or friends. Now I do have a particular fondness for Timoteo’s assless briefs so it is generally one of them or Addicted. However, be careful. Again, the overall goal is to get them to actually wear it and enjoy it. o only get them one if you think there’s an actual chance they want it.

Make a tradition:

Here is the previously promised anecdote. I have a lovely co-worker who was first a date interest and from then on just a very good friend. He is a great guy and has impeccable taste for all things well designed when it comes to houses, architecture, dishes, furniture, and all. Yet his underwear selection was…not up to code. So for his birthday one year I picked up a pair of cute Hugo Boss trunks. I knew they were similar to what he wears but were an incredibly soft fabric and a sleek design. He laughed and loved it. Then 365 days later, I got him another pair! It was the birthday year tradition and his now boyfriend thanks me for cute pairs that he owns because I basically bought all of them.

It doesn’t have to be birthdays, maybe every time you go on a trip you bring a friend back a pair. Maybe your friends do a big Holiday gift exchange or White Elephant type event, always bring undies. People love it! Two Christmases ago I brought a beautiful gift box with a Power Bottom mesh, assless briefs and they were fought over all night. Make it fun, make it special, make it a tradition!

Buy what you love and make sure they know it:

Now, if you want to go a different route than discussed earlier and just buy something that you love and want to share, then do that. BUT make sure they know it’s special to you or that it is personal. If you want to buy them a red, skimpy thong because you love yours and you think everyone should have one, make sure to tell them that it’s something that you love and special BEFORE they open it. Just let them know that this means something to you and whether it’s their style or not, you wanted them to have it.

Remember, this is a gift and it’s normal:

I know that sometimes underwear seems like a semi-taboo topic for men. Women can all go to Victoria’s Secret in the mall and no one thinks that odd but if you’re two guys (gay, straight, bi, whatever) it’s suddenly odd or sexual or just wrong. It’s not. It’s underwear. I wear it, you (might) wear it, we (generally speaking) wear it.

Don’t be uncomfortable about it. It can be special and a very thoughtful gift but it doesn’t have to be weird. You aren’t asking them to model them for you (but god bless if they want to!), you’re simply sharing a passion you have with them and that’s super cool.

Okay, so now that we’ve gotten that all out of the way. I wear a 30-31 small waste and pairs can be sent to… HAHA! Joking, totally joking. Go out and shop with someone else in mind. Some great websites to check out if you don’t have a good store in town are below. Enjoy!

Online Underwear Stores to Shop:


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