Hello Kinksters,

How have you been these past couple weeks? I am quite exhausted this week. Not only am I working the youth summer camp at the circus school during the day. I somehow agreed to sub a coworker’s week of adult night classes as well. The upside is that I’m ready to go on my gaycation next week (fabulous gay resort for all of next week in Florida). This week’s Fetish Friday is a concept post, about a trend I see pop up here and there. I have to credit BeauBriefs for posting a pic on twitter (@underloverwear) of his new JackAdams Jockstrap that has a window just above his penis. I have a few pairs of undies with a window there too, so I started thinking about the art of the male décolletage.

Now, traditionally the term décolletage applies to the area of a woman’s chest above her breasts to her neck. Most often used to talk about necklines of dresses that enhance or showcase that part of a woman’s body. For this post, I would like to broaden that term. Transform the term’s meaning into any fashion that highlights the area leading up to an area of heightened arousal.


Now, you aren’t ever EVER gonna find me telling people what I want them to do with their pubic hair. But I am gonna share that in my opinion, the hottest “style” for any of these looks is slightly trimmed to moderately trimmed. I don’t find the baby-shaved look that appealing. I think the full bush might detract from the window concept a little.

The brand BeauBriefs was rocking on his twitter is the Punter Body Flex Jockstrap from Jack Adams USA. I think that’s next on my purchase list (thanks Beau for the inspiration).


BodyAware makes a pretty fun Neon Cabana Tanga with the window too. It comes in Neon Orange, Neon Green and Neon Yellow.


I would love readers to suggest their favorite male décolletage pairs that I haven’t mentioned. Let’s see how many we can find. What are your feelings on this? Décolletage: love it or leave it?

Until next time my sexy friends,

Keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out.


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