BearWeek2016_17We got a chance to talk to Eric Alden (@EST290 on Twitter). He is currently Mr. New England Leather 2016. So he knows a thing or two about leather and fetish wear. He also loves lace underwear. Its not something you would expect from a reigning Mr. Leather. We had a really amazing conversation about lace underwear and thongs.

I had a blast talking to Eric about the mix of leather and lace. We hopefully convinced him to come back for more discussions on underwear including lace! Now on to the Interview.


Thanks for taking the time to talk to us! Last week, we talked on Twitter and your pictures amazed me. Here is a leather title holder wearing lace briefs and thongs. Its a combination we don’t see much, what made you try lace and thongs?

I have been into thongs for as long as I could buy them! The first thong I ever bought was the Y-Back 2(X)IST thong from, I think TJMaxx. Lace is still slightly newer for me, it has a shock value, and I like to push boundaries. It’s different, has detail, revealing and sexy without being just plain mesh. I’m comfortable with myself and don’t mind the play on feminism. It might be lace but its cut in mens styles.

One company you post a lot of pics wearing is BodyAware, why do you like BodyAware underwear?

I like BodyAware because they push boundaries and make a quality Underwear. They present something on a masculine male that is typically more feminine. I love the juxtaposition of what would be considered “feminine” style presented on a “masculine” man. They show a black lace thong on a ripped masculine guy. I love the way they present themselves and believe it or not men that look like their models are wearing thongs and lace.

One of my current favorites is the Baby Ribbed thong. Its super soft. Its a great pair for travel. It gives a nice lift and moves with you throughout the day. It’s my version of tight whites and just a great basic pair.

Another favorite is the Lace Brazil brief. It has half back. I own it in white and black. I would buy in more colors if they sold them. It has a play on a thong, because it covers half the back. I love the Silloutte, hopefully they will make it in other fabric

I seem to buying more from them these days, One of my latest purchases are the black mesh shorts. I am going to wear them over a fuchsia swim brief at the beach.


Have you always loved underwear? If so how long have you liked undies?

I have been into underwear for as long as I can remember. and all types for that matter. I do wear more than lace and thongs 😉 Right now I have almost 2 bins of underwear in storage. Plus three drawers at home filled with underwear. I remember in High School. I wanted a pair of Gucci underwear before Tom Ford left the company. I rode a train into Boston just to get them. They were my first pair of mesh briefs as well. They were black mesh but had the double G logo all over them. I probably spent $85 on them at the time. I still have this pair. The design was similar to lace with the illusion you can see through. Maybe that’s where my love of lace started.

Have you ever mixed the lace and leather? If so what was the reaction of the person or people who saw you?

I have, more recently though. When I mix the two, I prefer to do black lace with my leather I think it looks better when paired with black leather. I tend to buy lace in darker colors not sure why, Its just my personal preference I guess. I also have a blue harness and blue lace thong that I like to pair together. My style is constantly changing and growing.

I have posted quite a few pictures on social media. People comment that they find it very sexy. I think people and trends in underwear are changing. So many companies are making thongs now which means men are buying them. There are tons of blogs devoted to just thongs! It’s crazy! They show guys from all different walks of life, body sizes and ages in pictures.

Playing off that question has anyone ever said anything negative about your lace undies? If so how did you handle it?

No one has ever said anything negative to me in person or online. I have gotten eye rolls when I have changed in front of people. But, people know I don’t care. There have been positive comments on all the pictures I have posted in social media. It lets guys who want to try lace, see it in a different light. It helps them see past the feminine part. A harness and combat boots are uber masculine and then I pair it with a black lace brief. People can get confused but it doesn’t matter. You can be masculine and still wear lace underwear.


We want more guys to try new things, you being a “leather man” what advice would you give guys who are hesitant about trying something more “fem”?

You don’t know if you’re going to like something if you don’t try it. If you’re intrigued there is no reason not to do it. You only live once right? Explore what interest you. If you are intrigued by thongs, try ordering a basic simple black one, no need to jump right in to hot pink or lace. its about finding your comfort level. Getting into the silloutte is the first step. Everything in moderation.

Are there any brands you have seen in the market you have yet to try? If so who are they?

Not really. If I see a style I like i’ll find out who makes it and order it.

Joe Snyder is one brand as a whole that I should explore more.

As for thongs, I won a free thong from SUKREW on Twitter and Its an amazing thong! designed well andI highly recommend it ( great starter for newbies)and I will totally be ordering more of them and their jocks! Another favorite is Kick Sagat’s Steele Push Up thong in pink or blue. I own both colors and its fantastic. They do a great job at presenting two colors, pink and baby blue, in a very masculine way. They are a pair if someone wants something beyond basic. It also makes your butt look fantastic!

We want to thank Eric for his time. You can find him on Twitter @est290 and on Instagram at EA290.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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