Junk UnderJeans Junk X TrunkJunk UnderJeans furnished the Junk X Boxer for Review

Rating: 8.6/10

  • Daily Fit: 8/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 8/10

Pros: Junk X Pouch, contemporary design, great material

Cons: Waistband rolled on me during wear

UNB Tim recommendation: These are great for the gym or work. They are made for a guy with a bit more junk in the front. However, the front won’t be too big for you. The trunks held their shape all day and gave me the perfect amount of support.

I continue my Junk UnderJeans reviews. The Junk X has a really good pouch. Junk X pouch is one that is a bit roomier. It, however, won’t be oversized. There are  a few pouches on the market unless you can fill them out they look like you are wearing a sock on your junk. The design of the pouch is very good. Hats off to Junk for creating this line!

The pair I’m reviewing is the Junk UnderJeans Junk X Trunk. As many long time readers know, I”m not the biggest fan of trunks or boxer briefs. Mainly because of the lack of support. I feel by the end of the day I’m in a pair of boxers. My hopes were high for this pair with the pouch.

I wore this on a weekend in a more relaxed time. There was no lifting or outdoors for this pair. Being a style that isn’t my favorite, I didn’t want to push my luck. They held up really well. The pouch lived up to my expectations. It kept everything in place and kept its form. It didn’t suffer one of my other pet peeves for boxer briefs/trunks. The legs held in place all day. I could have worn them to work.


The only down size is like the Junk X Jock I reviewed. The waistband rolled a bit on me. Like the jock, I really didn’t notice it was happening until I took them off. Usually when a band rolls or binds it gets uncomfortable. This one did not. I think it was because of the material of the waistband. Why does this happen? I think it’s the way I am built. I don’t think it’s something Junk UnderJeans is doing wrong. The briefs fit amazing. We have all had those pairs where they didn’t fit us in one area. I don’t hold this as a defect or flaw in them but more in me!

The sizing is really great for Junk UnderJeans. I have had no issues of pairs being too small or big. They have been spot on for all the pairs I have received. Just double check the size charts. Note that some pairs go up to 2 and 3 XL now. So it’s not just for small guys!

The design is a sporty design. You could definitely wear them to the gym. They are classic with a pop color. Perfect for work, the gym or hanging at home!

BRAND: Junk UnderJeans
PAIR: Junk X Trunk
COLORS: Smoke with a Green, black, royal or red
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $24
FURNISHED BY: Junk UnderJeans

Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years

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