tempst ReviewN2N Bodywear furnished the Tempest Sport Swim Brief for review.

Rating: 9/10

  • Daily Fit: 9/10
  • Sizing: 9/10
  • Construction: 9/10
  • Styling: 9/10
  • Daily Performance: 9/10

Pros: Unlined, Semi-Natural Pouch Hang

Cons: Unlined

SALVATORE Recommendation: Here I am living in Tropical Paradise where most men wear long board shorts or trunks. Granted, shorter swimsuits are in, but I think guys are missing a great opportunity to look great in a swim brief. As you all know, here at UNB, we have put a lot of emphasis on swim briefs. From our swim guides to a series of posts about skimping down this Summer on the beach. We think swim briefs are an awesome alternative to the super long shorts. That take forever to dry when you get out of the water and inhibit greatly one’s ability to move in the water.

Honestly, the most natural way to swim is naked.  But that is currently outlawed in most areas of the good ole US of A. With that said, we also recognize that many men are very uncomfortable bearing all in a swim brief on a beach that mainly covered in board shorts. Coming to Hawaii has been a great experience. I am constantly puzzled by what I see guys and gals wearing on the sands of Waikiki and other hot spots. The men are shorts wearers and ironically, the ladies seem to prefer the Brazilian cut and thong back. Who would have thought???? Let’s stay away from those topics for now and look at a great swim brief that I’d recommend to the guy looking to see if he likes the idea. But might not be ready to strip down.

Let me recommend the N2N Tempest Sport Brief. As something that you can wear underneath your shorts with the idea to strip down, or something that you can wear by itself. This is a great brief for either occasion. Here are few things that I liked about the design.

Pouch: Because N2N does a brilliant job with fabric selection in all of it’s products. Most of their underwear, swimwear, and loungewear meet my definition of a natural pouch. This swim brief did exactly that. With 92% being Polyester and 8% being Spandex. The fabric blend allows for your sacred spaced to have plenty of space. One of things I hate about traditional swim briefs is the bulky lining that seems to bunch up the boys. This swim brief is unlined leaving you with a true underwear intimate feel. I see this as a definite positive in most situations. I also see this as a negative for the circumcised male as the impression is quite impressionable and might not be appropriate for every occasion. You will have to decide. On my honeymoon many moons ago. I remember seeing a very sexy and extremely tanned European man wearing an opaque white skimpy bikini that was unlined at the pool. He was proud and so were all of the women staring at him. I don’t have the body he had and am not sure my wife would appreciate all of the of the attention focused on my junk.

Drawstring: Not every bikini has a drawstring. This brief does. This allows you to freely maneuver in the water without worry that you’ll lose your drawers. However, because the brief is unlined. The impression of the drawstring is visible from time to time making for an odd look on the pouch. Side note—be careful to groom your pubic hair if you are going to wear an unlined swim bikini. A bush impression on the crotch is as bad a drawstring impression on a crotch.

Cut: The cut of the brief is a hybrid between a true bikini and a traditional competitive swimmers suit. This allows you to get an awesome tan without feeling like you are wearing a string bikini. The hybrid cut also maintains a full seat so you don’t feel like you have a wedgie all day. The cut is spectacular and sexy. The seat stays in place and leg bands are very comfortable. N2N nailed this aspect of the brief.

Logo: The very small N2N logo displayed on the rear of the right hip is the perfect size. Not over the top like some of the brands that plaster the logo across the entire butt (N2N does this occasionally). But just right to let the other underwear enthusiasts know that you have style. The branding on this swim brief is subtle and perfect—a special coded simple that speaks to the heart of underwear collector.

Overall, I think this is a stunning visual representation of classy and sexy. The two colors are great—bold enough to turn heads, but not so bold to get gawkers! As always, I love that N2N now offers this brief in multiple prints. I enjoy wearing mine under trunks or out in the open. Get yours and give this well thought out brief a shot at the beach, the pool, or just tanning on the roof.

BRAND: N2N Bodywear

PAIR: Tempest Sport Solid

COLORS: Tempest Blue, Mandarin

FABRIC: Body: 92% polyester 8% spandex

SIZES: Small – XL

COST: $22


Where to buy:


Salvatore is an Assistant Editor for UNB. He's a normal guy that's married with kids and loves everything underwear. Communicate with him on Twitter: @manatomicallyme


  1. Louis_Lyrec Reply

    I agree that an unlined swim brief is more comfortable, but may be revealing. I have one solution, get a brief with a pattern. I have an N2N swim brief like this one, but it has a strong pattern (dark blue floral design on a light blue background). This effectively disguises any details of the bulge.

  2. I like mine unlined for fit and attention from the ladies at the pool especially if foreskin is pulled back. Maybe because most guys aren’t that bold and so the ladies were naturally curious and drawn to the sight of an unlined swim brief. But I must say N2N did a great job accentuating the outline.

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