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I hope Tim took good care of you last week. I was away at camp still, and life got a bit overwhelming. But now I am BACK! I’ve been eyeing a new brand (to me) lately, a brand that I want to wear everything they make. They have a very sexy aesthetic, though I would describe them as making mostly classic cuts. Based out of LA, they have been open since 1996 (20 years, woah). Their name is 665 and they are a leather and neoprene tailor. That features various other fashion and products as well. Today, I want to feature one of their neoprene products, the Neoprene Sport Jock Brief.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 1

I am getting more and more fascinated with the neoprene products lately. I already love spandex and leather. But the rubber/latex stuff isn’t usually something I am into. The neoprene is a nice middle ground. It has the sturdy look of leather while also having a softer drape and feel more spandex. I have a neoprene harness that I quite like, and just recently got a jock with a neoprene pouch.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 2

What I like about the 665 Neo Sport Jock Brief is that it’s a simple piece that is still bold and strong. It is a black neoprene jock brief. With either Neon Green, Neon Orange, or White binding around the edges. This pop is my favorite part. You can pretty much win me over anytime if you have a dark solid piece with a pop color. I wish they did a few more colors of the pop as an option (neon blue, pink, red…etc). But oh well, I’ll probably always want more colors no matter what they do.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 3

The pouch seems ample enough to fit a good sized package in there. Though I’m not sure how it would handle something as things got more excited (comment below if you have worn neo undies). The back window is big enough to really let the butt shine. I have a problem with a lot of the jock briefs out there.  That don’t have a big enough window in back, and the bottom of the window is too high. You know what I mean, it’s “here’s some of a butt, have a nice day”.

665 NeoSportJockBrief 4

At $45, that’s not a bad price for a sleek and sturdy nice fetish undies pair. The brief jock comes in S, M, L, and XL, with the Green, Orange, and White binding options. They are virtually impervious. So feel free to interact with any fluids you want, as it will all just wash with some dish soap and hang dry.

This will likely be my next funtimes purchase. I hope I get to tell you all about it. Have a beautiful rest of your weekend. I’m performing in an awesome Burlesque Boy Band Tribute show on Sunday night. It’s gonna be a fun time.

To purchase: go to 665 Leather’s website.

Until next time folks, keep it kinky.

TtheAmazing, over and out!


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