Hey,  you patriotic kinksters out there. Let’s be real, America is a little nutso right now. I’m super not gonna get political on here, but America is divided…I’ll leave it at that. However, no matter who you support, or who you understand matter…etc. Every two years, America all gathers up around the TV to support Team USA at the Olympics. I actually stumbled upon my item for this post while doing my research for last week’s post. It is just too fun. It is another piece by the honorable Slick It Up company in NYC.

I am talking about their American Flag Sling!


Ok, so here’s what you’re getting: a thong, a really low cut singlet, an American flag.

As a bonus, if you just show your back, you can play a really sexy game of “Where’s Waldo?” 


It comes in a Small/Medium, and a Medium/Large. For these double-sizes. They are measured by height and weight, and not waist circumference. The Small/Medium is for people 5’5” to 5’10” and 120-179 lbs. The Medium/Large 5’11” to 6’5” and 175-235 lbs.

It is made out of a shiny nylon spandex blend. Blue with white stars make up the right side of the singlet, and red and white stripes make up the left side and back of the singlet.


Now, while you could wear this while watching the Olympics on tv, I think the fun should not begin there. Maybe gather an Olympic themed dance party with all your sexy friends. Or a sexy gear only patriotic barbeque.

I personally think the designer of the U.S. Men’s Gymnastics singlets missed a golden opportunity here. This would not only show off their bodies, but also spice up the floor routines. Women’s floor routines are always full of pizazz and choreography. Men’s floor routines are incredible but lack a certain flair. I would love to see Sam Mikulak try and not have some sass while competing wearing this (ok,  you caught me, I’d love to see him wearing this, period.)

Just in case  you have a sunburn on your shoulders or something, Slick It Up also makes an American Flag Thong.

So there ya have it, T’s Official Suggestion for the US Olympic Fan’s Sexy Outfit (O.S.U.S.O.F.S.O). Have fun watching the Olympics. I”ll be away at summer camp for the next two weeks, so I won’t get to watch it live. I have a gymnast friend who will record everything so I can watch when I get back. Until then, keep it kinky!

TtheAmazing, over and out!


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