I know from talking to a lot of you guys. That you love skimpier cuts, mesh and fun colors. A new brand that has come across my radar fits all these qualifications. It’s call Bite Wear. Bite Wear is a brand out of Columbia. It used Columbian fabrics to create a sexy, yet fun line.

One thing is consistent across the line. It’s all about sex appeal. There are a number of thongs in the collection. However, don’t mistake the boxer briefs as not being sexy. They have mesh and cut outs to date to bare as much as you want. If you’re a fan of purple, this line is going to be awesome for you! There are pairs in purple and a lot of other pairs use purple trim and waistbands. Other colors used are black and a teal color.

We are going to walk you through the line. It’s not a super huge line. We hope you will enjoy this new line!

BiteWear BW16102 – Thong – Colors: Black, Purple and White

BiteWear BW16103 – Brief – Colors: Orange and White

BiteWear BW16105 – Brief – Colors: Blue and Purple

BiteWear – BW16106 – Jockstrap – Colors: Black and White

BiteWear – BW16107 – Boxer Briefs – Colors: Black and Purple

BiteWear – BW16109 – Thong – Color: Blue and Purple

BiteWear – BW16110 – Boxer Briefs – Color: Black and white

BiteWear – BW16111 – Boxer Briefs – Color: Orange and Purple

BiteWear – BW16112 – Thong – Color: Blue and orange.

If you like this line go to to buy these!



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