tt-joe-snyder-pride-frameI don’t consider myself a thong guy. Well, not to the extent of many of you guys out there. It’s not my go to style or even second style. This past weekend I set out to look into the thongs I have loved and still do. Many of my first favorites are no longer being made. But, there are many more pairs that are still being made. One of them is the Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thong.

I loved the Pride Frame bikini and of course the next step was the thong. Back, when the line came out I got to review most of the line. From the Trunk, bikini and thong. The Thong has become one of my favorite thongs in my underwear drawer. The reason is the pouch. The Pride Frame pouch, is made to be a big bigger than the traditional Joe Snyder thong. The way it is made it is, as the name suggests, frames your pride. The trim goes around the pouch. This thong is the perfect mix to me of a great pouch plus an amazing back. Sometimes you have one or the other but when you can find both it’s gold!

Another thing that it scores points for is colors. It’s in really bright fun colors. White, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Red, and newsprint. My favorite is purple but any color in this bunch would be amazing. I may have to get a pink one shortly to match the purple and white one I have currently in my drawer. They also have a neon line that is black and the trim is a neon color. It still frames your pride nicely.

If you have tried Joe Snyder in the past and the pouch is too small. Definitely give the Pride Frame a chance, I was pleasantly surprised in the bigger pouch! It’s available from the Joe Snyder site.  Also, it can be worn as swimwear!

BRAND: Joe Snyder
PAIR: Pride Frame Thong
COLORS: White, Yellow, Turquoise, Pink, Purple, Red, and newsprint
FABRIC: 80% nylon 20% lycra material
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $25.00
LINK: Joe Snyder Pride Frame Thong


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