jack-adams-402-126ls-bYou all know that Jack Adams does great underwear. Did you know that they also do workout wear? They have some really great active/workout wear. Working out is no longer the land of gray sweats. Guys want something fashionable but also functional for a work out. One of the new pairs the Relay Air Track short.

The Relay Air Track looks like a cross between old school gym shorts meets new sports mesh fabric. I really like the retro feel of the pair. You may go, “wait a minute, sports mesh? How can I work out in these? I don’t want to flash the entire gym or people I run by.” Don’t worry the shorts has a lining that will not give everyone a show!

The colors available are red, navy and white. My personal favorite is the Navy out of the color combos. It’s a new spin on a classic cut in the world of workout wear. Jack Adams always does something fun and different. This is in both underwear and work out wear.

These are perfect for the gym, running or hanging around the house. The high cut side will allow for maximum movement. Meaning they won’t restrict any movement. Since, as the Jack Adams site says, is designed for sportsmen. If you like this pair and want a longer pair they have the same design in a gym short.

These are available directly from the Jack Adams site. We will have more from Jack Adams very soon. We are loving their new underwear line. So stay tuned for more in the next week or two! In the mean time enjoy these shorts!

BRAND: Jack Adams
PAIR: Relay Air Track Short
COLORS: Navy, Red or White
FABRIC: 100% Polyester
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $34.00
LINK: Jack Adams Relay Air Track short


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