gym7106Are you a fan of Jammers? Now Olympic swimmers wear them  in competitive meets. You may have seen them on swimmers in Rio. They have been around for a few years. They have their fans in the world of swimwear. Unlike traditional board shorts these will dry easier and give you a greater sense of motion.

The new Atomic Runner is made out of a solid red material. The grey, black and white stripes are designed to such a way as to accent your assets and legs. The angles they are cut really help create this effect. It’s a very cool design on a Jammer. Plus the red will make it pop on the beach.

Made out of a 90% MOISTURE WICKING MICRO – 10% LYCRA. Making this the perfect fabric for swimwear. On top of that it will allow for faster drying than traditional board shorts. You can wear this pair to swim or work out or both. Especially if you are a little adverse to a swim brief. These offer more coverage than a brief. They also, will give you a bit more support in your legs throughout the day. It’s still a form fitting pair if you want something bigger I’d suggest shorts.

I am a fan of Jammers. I used to wear them when I swam in college. They make you more go through the water faster. Maybe that’s just me. Is Hydrodynamic a word? cause that’s what it does. Or, they are great for just hanging out by a beach or pool and you want to look great.

The look of the pair is fun. It will enhance your legs and butt. The fabric is cut in a great way. I say great job Pistol Pete.

BRAND: Pistol Pete
PAIR: Atomic Runner
COLORS: As seen
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $49.50
LINK: Pistol Pete Atomic Runner


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