can-youSwimwear season is coming to a close soon. It’s been way too short a season for many of us. I barely got to the pool this year. I have seen many readers post pics on Instagram and Twitter of them at the beach. Many rocking a swim brief.

It got me thinking, being a guy over 40, should guys over 40 wear swim briefs. We decided to draft an expert in this field, Andrew, the owner of N2N Bodywear. If you are on his Facebook, he often posts pictures of him in swim briefs.

Let’s start with the obvious question. Should men over 40 wear swim briefs? Why or why should they not?

Absolutely. Listen…getting older is a fact of life. We can try to hold onto what we’ve got for only so long. That doesn’t mean we have to throw away what we deemed sexy, comfortable and familiar. There is the thing of age apppropriate…so instead of wearing a string bikini (like you used to) now graduate to a sexy brief. Remember, its attitude and confidence that makes the man. A beautiful body is the cherry on the sundae!
Should guys over 40 cut back on super skimpy? Or wear for their body type? Or should a guy even limit the style of swim brief he should wear?

I think. There is a time and place for everything. Judge according to the crowd. Family, friends, strangers…however bottom line is even if everyone else is wearing board shorts and you wanna wear a speedo…DO IT!

I have seen you post pictures on Facebook of you hanging with friends (I won’t judge ages from pics) but a few are probably over 40, have different body types but looks like you are having fun. Do you encourage friends to wear them?

ALWAYS! I love to put out a “spread” of suits for my guests to choose from. It’s always fun to see guys come to my home somewhat conservative and about halfway thru (with the help of libations and encouragement) get a little daring and start wearing N2N!

Has anyone ever commented to you while at the beach or pool that you shouldn’t be wearing them? If so how did you respond?

Ha…no actually …and if they did I’d throw my drink at them. Wait, who am I kidding…couldn’t waste a perfectly good cocktail!

Why do you wear swim briefs? Is it fashion, comfort, what makes them your go to choice?

I use to wear bikinis…the tinier the better…at my ripe old age I like a little bit more coverage however the fabric needs to be thin, stretchy and the pouch must have room for movement!

N2N Bodywear makes some amazing swimwear, I have quite a few pairs. Have you ever designed a pair specifically for a guy over 40 or do you want guys to wear any pair you produce?

I never set out to target a population when designing….however you can see trends in what sells…and then kinda go from there.

Lastly, have you had any customers over 40 write in and share stories about wearing your swimwear? Either for the first time or pair they love?

I LOVE people writing to me telling me how before N2N there wore boring swimwear and now after discovering, buying and wearing N2N, they have had an “awakening”. A freeing of sorts now being able to celebrate their sexuality in a whole new way.

We have a straight reader who has never worn a swim brief in public. What would you recommend be his fist pair to wear from N2N Bodywear?

Well, I always suggest going from biggest to smallest. Again it’s your comfort level. If you are NOT comfortable you will be thinking about it constantly and not be able to enjoy yourself.

So your final opinion, Should guys over 40 wear swim briefs?

Hell to the yes…and PROUDLY!

NOTE: I LOVE Andrew, he’s been a big supporter of UNB and just an amazing person! We really hope you enjoyed this post.


Tim is the founder and editor of Underwear News Briefs. He has been an avid underwear fan since the age of 14! He founded UNB in 2008 and has continued to broaden his underwear love over the years


  1. Should guys over 40 wear swim briefs, YES! You should wear what ever you feel comfortable in, and fit your body type. Wearing something out of the norm (in America that is) should always be encouraged. Wear it with confidence will keep others from making comments to you in regards to it. I like wearing mine when ever I can. Attached is a picture of me and by best friend at a pool party this summer and we are both in our mid 40s. Should we not be wearing what we have on?

    • NOPE! you should have them on. That’s why we interviewed Andrew from N2N. We agree all guys should wear swim briefs or what ever they want!

  2. Louis_Lyrec Reply

    I’m 57, I usually wear a brief bikini style for swimming, whether at the beach or at a swimming pool. I have a couple of N2N designs…

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