We are starting a new, somewhat regular series. Where we get some of your favorite brands to discuss how they create their amazing underwear. It’s a fun insider look as to what happens at brands. Each will showcase the personality of the brands and the people behind them. The first company to participate is SUPAWEAR. We hope you like this series.


Our readers love fun underwear. What makes fun underwear for your brand?
Fun is all about enjoyment, pleasure and excitement. SUPAWEAR is the brand that evokes that kind of emotion. We choose colour combinations that challenges traditions and put them together like a comic book supahero! Each underwear collection is crafted for pleasure to the wearer.

The core focus is on fun with original designs for guys who aren’t a follower but a trendsetter. A guy who is confident and isn’t afraid to stand out. Our underwear collection is vibrant, sexy and colourful. We offer a large range of designs for every different day of the week so you can dress or undress for the occasion and mood.
Do you have a Philosophy about creating underwear? If so what is it?

Yes! We always take into account who is wearing it and why would they wear it. Underwear for us is not just a necessity but also an extension of one’s personality or ego. It represents their style and mood for the day. A good pair of underwear can lift your mood and gives you that extra skip and hop to your stride.
In one of your recent pairs/lines, what was the inspiration behind creating it?(tell the story on what inspired you and how you turned that into a pair of underwear)



What was the spark of inspiration?

SUPACHARGE was inspired by comic character flash. We made sure the underwear looked like it was drawn on with a thick black marker. The collection is vibrant and fun with a twist.

How was this inspiration designed on paper?

We had a clear direction from the beginning for this collection. We wanted this collection to be charged with vibrant colours.


What changes took place to the pair during the production?

Colour is important and we must have complimenting colours so they don’t compete or clash. C0lours may look good on paper but the physical representation may be different. We often modify colours slightly to make sure we have the right balance. Our fits are usually consistent and we try not to alter it too much.

Who was involved with the process? Did someone have the inspiration and design? Or did someone have the inspiration and then someone else design?

We always work collaboratively on all collections. We have a team that works on the idea/ story and the designers will go off doing their magic. We will then discuss and modify the colours for the final collection.

How did the final product improve on the initial inspiration?

We always have fitting samples, fabric samples, fitting samples and production samples. We will make modification on paneling and colour selection during these steps. This is part of the everyday running of all our underwear. We always have several samples before final production so that the final piece is always perfect.

If this is a pair you designed before the previous collection, how did it influence other pairs/lines going forward. If a new pair, is this pair/line going to influence more collections in the future.

We always review the success of each collection a few months after it is launch and try to deconstruct why it did well. We will take that learning to our next collection. We normally read reviews and speak to our retail buyers. They love to tell us how to improve our fits.

See more great undies at SUPAWEAR site.


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