Gregg Homme Camo CollectionAre you a veteran, active military, a hunter, or just a fan of camo? If so Gregg Homme has a new collection for you of camo. The Camo collection offers you seven selections. These are chaps, muscle t-shirt, regular t-shirt, boxer brief, pouch (g-string), bikini brief, and thong. Gregg Homme is a luxury brand known for their quality and great fabrics, so you’ll pay a bit more for their items.

The camo collection features Gregg Homme’s newest Italian mesh fabric. First we’re going to cover some of the items teaming up with faux leather. The first item we’ll look at is chaps. The chaps are the only item that has the faux leather as the feature fabric. Then they are accented with a strip of mesh camo down the outside of the legs. These have a lacing closure at the back along with the classic Gregg Homme embossed patch logo in front. The muscle t-shirt and regular t-shirt use the faux leather for accenting around the armholes and neckline. The last item that adds the faux leather into the mix is the boxer briefs. It uses the leather to accent the leg openings and highlighting the pouch. The pouch is a black knit fabric, so will keep the family jewels concealed.

The pouch, bikini brief, and thong are made out of just the mesh camo fabric. These all feature the classic Gregg Homme embossed patch logo at the front center. With this being a mesh collection, there is sheerness to it. The camo print does do what camo is meant to do and does help some with concealment of what is underneath. This is the type of mesh I like, since it doesn’t tell the whole story.

For me camo brings back memories of my childhood pretending to be in the military. You know being on special forces going on secret missions. Did you do the same thing? If so maybe you should bring back those memories even more with some the items from Camo Collection. Go ahead get that camo on and treat yourself to some new covert operations.

BRAND: Gregg Homme
COLORS: Camo Print
FABRIC: Italian Mesh; Faux Leather


Gregg Homme Camo Chaps
PAIR: Camo Chaps
COST: $83.00
LINK: Camo Chaps


Gregg Homme Muscle Shirt
PAIR: Camo Muscle Shirt
COST: $71.00
LINK: Camo Muscle Shirt


Gregg Homme Camo T-Shirt
PAIR: Camo T-Shirt Briefs
COST: $75.00
LINK: Camo T-Shirt


Gregg Homme Camo Boxer Briefs
PAIR: Camo Boxer Briefs
COST: $58.00
LINK: Camo Boxer Briefs






Gregg Homme Camo Brief
PAIR: Camo Brief
COST: $48.00
LINK: Camo Brief


Gregg Homme Camo Thong
PAIR: Camo Thong
COST: $31.00
LINK: Camo Thong




Gregg Homme Camo Pouch
PAIR: Camo Pouch
COST: $25.00
LINK: Camo Pouch



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