This pair was furnished for review by Cocksox

Daily Fit – 8
Sizing – 9
Construction/Materials – 10
Styling – 8
Daily Performance – 8
Overall – 8.6

Today I’m reviewing the Cocksox CX03 Waistband Brief. I own a handful of undies from Cocksox so I was ready for the outrageous pouch, but hadn’t tried this exact style so was happy to try something new. This style comes in black, white, blue and red, which is currently on sale.

I wore these on an active workday simply because I wanted to review them – not because I thought they were practical. I would say the CX03 brief could be worn for work or to the gym if you really liked to show off in gym shorts. I was wearing jeans and the bulge was noticeable but tolerable.

Sizing seems in line with most brands in the US. These were a medium (32-34) and gave plenty of room everywhere without being loose. The pouch is there to show you off so there’s plenty of room – no need to size up. I used to wear my underwear very tight but in recent months have began to appreciate a bit more space, so if you’re in between sizes and like them tight, go down a size.

Cocksox always has great style and are made well. The fabric is 92% Supplex and 8% Lycra which gives them lots of stretch and they felt broken in and soft after just one wash. The back rode up throughout the day and did requires some adjusting. Honestly, sometimes it’s hot to let them ride up and leave them that way so that’s not really a complaint! More color options would be nice and as I’ve said before, the outrageous pouch isn’t my favorite. I like support and a bit of show off but the lift in these is almost silly under loose/thin clothing. The profile the pouch gives also isn’t sexy, in my opinion. It’s their signature so it shouldn’t change and I know they have other lines where the pouch is tamer, so they’re doing a great job offering something for everyone.

Cocksox in my mind is underwear “for fun” and not everyday but after wearing these I might reconsider that. While the initial feeling is that the pouch is too much and the back could be but a bit bigger, once I had them on and went about my day, they worked just like any other pair of briefs….I just had to be a little more careful when zipping up my fly. Maybe I’ll stop being such a dud and wear sexier underwear during “practical” times. For getting me to change my mind about anything – Cocksox deserves a thumbs up!

BRAND: Cocksox
PAIR: CX03 Waistband Brief
COLORS: Blue or Black
FABRIC: 92% Supplex® 8% Lycra®
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $29.00

Where to buy: CX03 Waistband Brief



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