Undiesfool here! I know UNBTim, The Bottom Drawer, Underweardude, and so many others at UNB (past and present) are huge fans of bikini briefs. I’m curious to know what are some of your favorite bikini briefs. Not just the brand name, but specific pairs if you can name a few. Thanks!

The Bottom Drawer: My favorite bikini is Prevail Sports string brief. It reminds me of a bodybuilder’s posing suit. The bikini has the right amount of noncoverage all around. They have a nice snug fit and holds everything in place. Good selection of colors and prints. Another bikini, I really like is Blueline Microfiber String Bikini. This isn’t a mainstream brand and nothing real fancy about it. It’s a great fit,the right amount of support, and comfort for everyday wear. I’ll wrap this up with another string bikini. Prevail Sports Rio Brief is another I like to pull out if the drawer often. A little skimpier of a string bikini cut. Another one I like the fit, color, and print selection. Great comfort for everyday wear also. The nice thing about all three pairs are they are available under $13 a pair. Hit them on sale and get them for less.

UNBSandy: My all time fav bikini. Style, comfort, look all excellent! N2N Bodywear Classic Cotton Bikini UN11. It’s affordable and not too extreme for the lockerroom! The pouch is incredible and covers my butt without riding up or bunching. Closest I’ve ever come to the feeling of wearing nothing!

Underweardude: Specific pairs..*begins rummaging through underwear drawer*..As always with me and bikinis the Ergowear X3D Bikini springs to mind, the suave edition is better in some ways and worse in others than the original. My favorite pairs that I purchased in 2016 were bikinis, the CockSox CX16N Bikini, with a pouch that is a little less pronounced than the one on the original Cocksox pair, which I like, and the N2N California Dreamin Bikini. It’s from a line that came out year or so ago, so if you don’t have one already you’ve probably missed out on this awesome pair. The fabric is great, the pattern is funky, and the pouch is supurb.
UNBTIM: Great Question Undies Fool! One of my all time favorite bikinis is the Cocksox CX01. It’s a classic and one of the most comfortable pairs I have in my underwear drawer. I have several pairs and have always enjoyed them. I am loving the new colors with accenting leg and waistbands. Also, the pouch is one of my favorites. I don’t think you can go wrong with getting a Cocksox CX01, EVER! Also, another favorite is the Ergowear Sauve X3D Vermouth bikini. It has amazing fabric that’s super soft. A great pouch for added comfort and did I mention great fabric. Lastly, it’s pink, which I love in undies. 

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