As we posted earlier with our jock post. It’s New Years resolution times to work out. Some of you out there are starting their journey, while others are looking for new gear for the new year. Some of you will be bold enough to wear these to the gym, while others will wear shorts over them! If you are wear the Shades of Grey Leggings.

The leggings are made out the favorite Shades of Grey fabric from Marco Marco. Which is a high-performance spandex material, with a black 4 way mesh fabric to give you some extra breathability. Top that with the Marco Marco waistband and bright yellow trim. Makes these a pair that will get you noticed at the gym.

The leggings have the same fit as their briefs. Meaning that there is a great pouch built in the pair. Which means you could wear with or without underwear. It would be my personal inclination you can skip an extra pair of undies. This is the main reason I think some guys won’t wear them by themselves. They don’t want to show off at the gym. While a few of our readers, you know who you are, will wear them to the gym because of this pouch.

Marco Marco is known for using some bright colors and designing gear that will catch people’s eye. It’s for the guy who’s confident to wear and not worry about what people have to say about them. If you love these you should check out their underwear and swimwear. Each one of those has the same design sense. They include the same bright colors and some really fun mesh panels. Make sure you check out the entire line!

BRAND: Marco Marco
PAIR: Shades of Grey Leggings
FABRIC: High-Performance Spandex
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: $145.00
LINK: Marco Marco Shades of Grey Leggings.


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