I often think of “boxer briefs” as the “sofa bed” of underwear — it’s neither! Sofa beds are lousy sofas and awful beds. Boxer briefs, I often think, fall into the same pit of indecision: they aren’t great boxers and suck as briefs — yet they’re often the midpoint from traditional (i.e. crappy) underwear to the good stuff we write about on UNB.

Xtremen isn’t a wishy-washy brand. It happily lives at the extreme and invites men to join them on the edge. You know, the best thing about underwear is that it’s your choice with whom you share it. Unlike our outer layers which are on public display, what’s behind the zipper is visible to only those lucky enough to catch a glimpse — which may be just us! Sure, hitting the gym or a doctor’s appointment may influence a decision to tone it down but thankfully, even in those settings, men are getting more comfortable with vibrant colors and daring styles.

So, if you’re a fan of the somewhere-in-the-middle boxer brief but want to ramp up the sexy quotient — point your browser (or anything else…!) to Xtremen and embrace your inner exhibitionist!

First — about the brand:

Xtremen men’s underwear is, like the name suggests, designed for extreme wear. Each style is specially designed to endure the rigors of everyday wear, but with a dash of style. The high-quality fabrics in the Xtremen men’s underwear include stretch microfiber, athletic micro mesh, and a cotton mesh blend, all geared to provide long lasting comfort and amazing support. Styles in the Xtremen men’s underwear collection include trunks and boxer briefs. Xtremen is ideal for everyday wear when you want a dash of style and comfort that still makes a statement.

Now — the main event:

The Xtremen 91013 Boxer Brief features a subtle line design that shows off your finest assets in a sexy display of skin thanks to its transparent fabric on the legs. The pouch is made from ultra-soft fabric for a touch of modesty and is contoured to lift and support, giving you a more enhanced frontal profile.

The underwear is hand made in Colombia – South America with USA and Colombian fabrics which are composed of 80% Nylon 10% Polyester 10% Spandex.

The boxer brief is nice and low and falls just below natural waistline and sports a wide elastic logo waistband so you can advertise your sexy selection at will! And, of course, the pouch is contoured for support and definition — we’d have it no other way!

These come in black, blue, and white, and in sizes ranging from small to extra large. They cost $14 and are available at the company website.

Enjoy your visit to the extreme!


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