It’s no secret that Andrew Christian has a reputation for being a brand geared towards gay men. Just open their site and you’re bombarded with pictures of chiseled models wearing skimpy underwear that showcases their prominent bulges. For the average straight guy, this makes it difficult to shop on the site, and wearing their underwear carries the same issues. I don’t fault anyone for that because as I’m writing this article, their website homepage has a photo of a guy in a cage wearing only a jockstrap being fondled by other similarly clad men. Irrespective of their marketing, Andrew Christian makes some of the most innovative, comfortable, and stylish underwear on the market today that anyone, gay or straight, would like if they gave it a chance.

A few years ago, there was a video on YouTube called “Straight Guys React to Andrew Christian Underwear.” There were the predictable confusion and giggles regarding some of the more exotic pairs, but interestingly some said they would wear it if their girlfriend wanted them to. Another comment that stuck out to me was a frat guy who said he could see some of his brothers wearing a pair like this because it would show they’re confident in their masculinity and that they’re an alpha. Indeed, their line of Trophy Boy underwear would reflect just that.

When I first tried a pair, it was a completely positive experience. It was a blue Almost Naked brief, about as conservative as they come with this brand. The design and cut made me feel bigger down there and my package was no longer squeezed or pressed against my body. I had never worn underwear as comfortable and undeniably sexy as that pair. At that point, I could have continued with the attitude that Andrew Christian is a gay brand and so I shouldn’t be wearing it, or I could have been rational and realized that their products are amazing. I decided to go with the latter and haven’t looked back since. If I had gone with the former, I would have just been contributing to homophobia and not allowing myself to be comfortable. My girlfriend also likes the brand, so has regularly picked out pairs she likes for me to wear. If you want to take the first step, you can buy Andrew Christian on Amazon in order to avoid going on their website if it makes you uncomfortable.

Hopefully, my fellow straight guys can get over this stigma. Wearing Andrew Christian cannot make a straight guy gay. In fact, the only thing it can make a straight guy is sexier.



  1. Great post. I’m a straight guy and I own a few pairs of Andrew Christian thongs. I’ll admit that I’m not a fan of their website, but their underwear is great.

  2. Agree entirely! Great underwear with too narrow an identity in its advertising. Why not mix it up? O make it less explicit? Also the website is difficult to navigate easily–agree with comment above. A shame.

  3. I couldn’t agree any more. I Love some kick ass underwear and for style AND comfort, AC takes the cake. I don’t particularly care if anyone thinks they are gay. I bought a couple of my “bros” some for xmas as a kinda but not really a joke present. All 3 of them came to me separately and told they were the best underwear they’ve ever worn. They all buy designer underwear and now they tell me when something new is out. Underwear don’t make you gay. Last I checked, having sex with someone of the same sex is gay and underwear do not have the magical power to make you have same sex relations, hence then and only then would these pieces of fabric make you gay.

    As for the advertising, I get the motivation. Generally speaking gay guys tend to stay in shape more often then straight guys. Then you have the DINK factor, Dual Income No Kids. If we didn’t have 3 kids we would be rolling deep and I’d still have my AMG! It’s fairly safe to say that gay men are their bread and butter, but clearly there are 3 guys on this thread and that means straights ARE buying them….it just may not be enough to justify marketing to straight men.

  4. Awesome read and totally on point. I’m straight and absolutely love my AC’s. My collection seems to be ever growing. They’re seriously some of the most comfortable briefs I’ve ever worn and you don’t even realise you’re wearing any sometimes!!

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