It’s spandex day here on UNB. Well, unofficially, because I said so! One spandex item I really love is singlets. I probably have 15-20 singlets in my collection. Some are “official wrestling” ones and others are better termed “erotic.” Which can be a lot of fun. But, one new one I found was from Barcode Berline.

Barcode Berline is better known for their fetish wear. Sometimes over the top and other times just super sexy. I saw this singlet on another site and it caught my eye. The great colors and color block pattern just pops. It’s everything I love about a singlet. Those are a bright color and interesting pattern/design. Yeah, you can do a solid color but why not turn it up and do something amazing.

The official name is the Singlet Luckenwalde. The Barcode Berline site says the singlet was designed for professional wrestlers. That’s exactly what came to mind! They are cut and look like something you may see in Olympic wrestling matches or possibly college matches.

Made out of an 80% polyamide, 20 % elastane blend. Also available in 4 different color combinations. Petrol, Yellow, and White. Black, White, and Red. White Red, and Black. Lastly, White, Red and Petrol. My favorite is the last combination. But any of them I wouldn’t turn down.

If you have never worn a singlet I can hear what some of you are thinking. “Where would I wear this? Well, They are great to work out in and put a pair of shorts over. It’s a tank that won’t become untucked. Wear with jeans for a night out. This is an option but just note that going to the bathroom isn’t easy. Lounging around the house is another great option. They are super comfy that can be worn with or without underwear. You could possibly use it for it’s intended purpose, wrestling. Or for fun (take that any way you wish)

This singlet retails for 65 Euros on the Barcode Berlin site.


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