Barcode Berlin


Today I choose a pair that I don’t have, and for long-time readers, you may go, “WHAT? You don’t own a type of singlet?” The answer to that question is yes. I do not own any backless singlets. However, Barcode Berlin has this great singlet in quite a few colors.

The Singlet is Backless Singlet Bastin. It’s super fun and well backless. I know these are super popular for bar nights and, well, as we say here sexy fun time. I didn’t choose this singlet simply because it was backless but the cut. It’s an excellent cut for a singlet with a deep-cut front and shorter legs. Even without the back, I would have recommended it for another Fetish Friday.

The colors are Black/White, Red/White, Royal/White, DarkArmy/Black, and titanium/black. My favorite is the royal and red singlets, but the black/white is fun too. Check them out and enjoy them.

We all know I LOVE a singlet. One brand that doesn’t get a lot of coverage here in the US is Barcode Berlin. I have showcased some of their singlets over the years. They make some really awesome singlets. The designs are always super fun and always on my “want” list. They just dropped a new fetish line called Laboratory and have two great singlets. The Singlet Samy and the Singlet Dick. Yup, that’s the name I swear.

Singlet Samy

The Singlet Samy is made for those who have the assets to show off. As you can see the back is cut out, which is a very popular singlet design. There are. however no zippers on the front or anything else. Samy comes in just black, the entire Laboratory collection is black. You can mix and match with socks and gauntlets sold by Barcode Berline

Singlet Dick

The Singlet Dick is the one that is a little more streetwear friendly. This singlet has so many things included. This is a really fun fetish singlet. The singlet is the same design as the Samy but the back isn’t cut out. That said, there is a zipper in the front and one in the back. This makes easy access for extracurricular activities. This singlet is made for fun.

Check out the Laboratory collection and the Singlet Samy and Singlet Dick.

In the world of men’s underwear, the classic jock is getting harder and harder to find. Once they were everywhere but the rise of the fashion jock, the classic jock got pushed to the side. However, it didn’t diminish it’s amazing style and classic look.

One company making a classic jock is Barcode Berlin. Their Boris Jock is what you expect in a classic jock. It has a wide waistband. A classic jock has about a 3-inch waistband. That waistband is white with stripes. Then you have to have bigger leg straps around 1 inch. lastly, a great pouch that gives you ample support.

What makes this a classic jock design?

  • You can see the wide waistband
  • The larger leg straps
  • The striped waistband
  • In the pic above you can see the pouch

If you are after a great classic jock, check out the Boris Jock from Barcode Berlin.

I love singlets! This is no secret here on UNB. One company that makes some of the most creative singlets are being made by Barcode Berlin. The one that has caught my eye recently is the Robert line.

When you think of a line of singlets, you think there may be different colors. The Robert line has different colors that are different prints. Which is crazy to me, but so much fun. Here are all the singlets in the Robert line.

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet – Black

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet -Black & White

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet – Black-White-Yellow

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet – White & Pink

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet – White, Yellow, Red, and Navy

Barcode Berlin – Rober Singlet – Red, Black, and Navy

Barcode Berlin – Robert Singlet – Multicolor

Check out this and all the singlets at the Barcode Berline site

My fetishwear of choice has been spandex and specifically singlets for many years. Back when I found them they were exclusively for wrestlers and I had to go to a sporting goods store to find them. And this was a few years before the internet. Now I prob have 20-30 singlets in my collection. I haven’t counted lately so it’s a good round number.

Here are 5 singlets you must try now. As you can tell I love the traditional singlet! There are plenty more fetish ones out there. However, many of my favorites are no longer being made. Such as those from N2N Bodywear, Pistol Pete, and more. These aren’t ones I own but ones I think you won’t be disappointed in wearing.

Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet

This singlet is my new favorite. Go Softwear did an amazing job with this Team singlet. Right when I saw the red/blue combo, I knew I had to have it. When I put it on, it felt like a second skin (you can read my review). It is not a purchase I regret at all.

Pair: Go Softwear AJ Team Singlet
Color: Red/Blue or
Fabric: 88% Polyester 12% Spandex
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: $40.50

Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

I have profiled this singlet once or twice on UNB before. It’s the color block pattern that blows me away. I don’t own it but my singlet drawer is in desperate need of this spandex. It’s amazing colors

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Singlet Lukenwalde

Maskulo Youngero Singlet

Do you want to combine both sport and fetish? This singlet is for you. Plus the singlet glows in black light! The top has more of a tank fit than a regular singlet. One thing that may make you want this is the codpiece on the front is removable.

Pair: Maskulo Youngero Singlet
Color: White
Fabric: 90% Polyester, 10% Elastane;
Sizes: 2XS – 5XL
Price:  92 Euros

Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet

This singlet is out of stock so I hope they get them back in soon. We profiled this a while back. It’s a take on the patriotic wrestling singlets made for fun. The singlet is a super low cut singlet, with longer legs. The red/white/blue pattern is pretty awesome. Throw on a baseball cap and high tops and you have a bar outfit. Note, that the back has a zipper, for well….

Pair: Slick it Up – Zip Butt All Star Singlet
Color: Print
Fabric: Spandex
Sizes: TBA
Price: $124.00

Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet

Barcode Berlin made the list twice. That’s because they make true singlet inspired gear. To me the traditional cuts are the sexiest of all of them. Long legs and full cut up top. These have been my favorite. The design of the Pino singlet is super simple but it’s a classic to me. It shows less can be more.

Pair: Barcode Berlin – Pino Singlet
Color: Blue
Fabric: 80% polyamide, 20 % elastane
Sizes: Small – X-Large
Price: 59.00 Euros

These are some of my favorite singlets right now! Do you have a favorite? If so let me know.

I think we are on the verge of Fetishwear going mainstream. We have several guys who are straight on the site and want to wear some sexier things in the bedroom. Singlets are one of those things that have been labeled as “gay” for many years. Spandex gear is on the rise across the board with runners and UnderArmour gear. I think it’s only time before it’s going to be fun for all.

This site is about feeling good in your own gear. Wearing what you feel is sexy and fun. Then share that with your partner. (Getting off my soapbox but a post more this week). One brand that makes smoking hot fetish gear is Barcode Berlin. The Areg singlet is one I have loved but it wasn’t out in all colors, but now it is.

The singlet is more of a bodysuit cut. Meaning it’s more of a brief and tank rather than shorts. It’s a super sexy cut as far as singlets go! On top of that, the back is cut out! Where would you wear this? I love what their site says: ” Ready for sports, wrestling, clubbing and sexy home-selfies for your social media” I”m surprised I haven’t seen this all on Twitter or Instagram!

The singlet comes in three different color combos. Royal/Yellow/White, Red/Black/White, or Black/Red/White. My favorite is the blue! The fabric is 90% polyamide, 10% elastan. Which is perfect for singlets!

I could see this under jeans for a bar night. If you’re brave enough you could actually go pantsless, but make sure you’re in the right club for that. It’s also the perfect for a night at home for fun! It could easily be an icebreaker pair for introducing your special one into gear! Even in the gay world, we have partners who don’t get it!

COLORS: Royal/Yellow/White, Red/Black/White, or Black/Red/White
FABRIC: 90% polyamide, 10% elastan
SIZES: Small – X-Large
COST: 59 Euros

It’s spandex day here on UNB. Well, unofficially, because I said so! One spandex item I really love is singlets. I probably have 15-20 singlets in my collection. Some are “official wrestling” ones and others are better termed “erotic.” Which can be a lot of fun. But, one new one I found was from Barcode Berline.

Barcode Berline is better known for their fetish wear. Sometimes over the top and other times just super sexy. I saw this singlet on another site and it caught my eye. The great colors and color block pattern just pops. It’s everything I love about a singlet. Those are a bright color and interesting pattern/design. Yeah, you can do a solid color but why not turn it up and do something amazing.

The official name is the Singlet Luckenwalde. The Barcode Berline site says the singlet was designed for professional wrestlers. That’s exactly what came to mind! They are cut and look like something you may see in Olympic wrestling matches or possibly college matches.

Made out of an 80% polyamide, 20 % elastane blend. Also available in 4 different color combinations. Petrol, Yellow, and White. Black, White, and Red. White Red, and Black. Lastly, White, Red and Petrol. My favorite is the last combination. But any of them I wouldn’t turn down.

If you have never worn a singlet I can hear what some of you are thinking. “Where would I wear this? Well, They are great to work out in and put a pair of shorts over. It’s a tank that won’t become untucked. Wear with jeans for a night out. This is an option but just note that going to the bathroom isn’t easy. Lounging around the house is another great option. They are super comfy that can be worn with or without underwear. You could possibly use it for it’s intended purpose, wrestling. Or for fun (take that any way you wish)

This singlet retails for 65 Euros on the Barcode Berlin site.

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  • Planet Undies has four new amazing brands they are now selling. Barcode, Schultz, Dietz and Bumgear. Barcode as we profileed has some great jocks. Schultz does really great low rise briefs with great sayings on them. BumGear is for you if you love sheer or mesh underwear and Dietz has some really body conscious fun styles you will love.
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New at Planet Undies is the underwear company based out of Berlin called Barcode Berlin. You may not be familiar with the brand, they are for the jockstrap lover! They have introduced 4 new jocks in their collection. he brand concentrates on this type of sexy underwear and gives a very detailed attention on refinement, the detail and the quality of manufacture.

The Four Styles are (from left to right, click to see the larger picture):

  • Jockstrap Sergey – is very similar to the regular jock. It has classical styling but comes in non-classical and modern colors. It comes in black, white, red, blue and yellow.
  • Jockstrap Alexander – is a Lace-up jock. There is like a football pants type lace up front. It gives a fun twist to a traditional jock. It comes in the same colors as the Sergey jock.
  • Jockstrap Igor – At first glance you may think this is the same as the Alexander Jock but it not only lace up in the front but also from the back. So from behind it has a very distinctive look. The colors are white, black and red
  • Jockstrap Anton – last is a new take on the classic jock. Its a very modern fashion forward jock. It has a smaller waistband, with the leg straps attaching closer to the front. It’s  a very distinctive look and one I think is very cool take on the jock!

They are some really cool jocks and we hope we get to see more from them. Here are some of the promotional images, we just had to share them!