Today I choose a pair that I don’t have, and for long-time readers, you may go, “WHAT? You don’t own a type of singlet?” The answer to that question is yes. I do not own any backless singlets. However, Barcode Berlin has this great singlet in quite a few colors.

The Singlet is Backless Singlet Bastin. It’s super fun and well backless. I know these are super popular for bar nights and, well, as we say here sexy fun time. I didn’t choose this singlet simply because it was backless but the cut. It’s an excellent cut for a singlet with a deep-cut front and shorter legs. Even without the back, I would have recommended it for another Fetish Friday.

The colors are Black/White, Red/White, Royal/White, DarkArmy/Black, and titanium/black. My favorite is the royal and red singlets, but the black/white is fun too. Check them out and enjoy them.


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