aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief

Have you seen the latest swim brief from aussieBum? They have introduced what they call the ultimate swimwear for performance in and out of the water. Their new line is called ULTRA. It’s available in five colors. It’s made out of an Italian Lycra composition that is a blend of 80% nylon and 20% elastane. aussieBum refers to the fabric as super stretch, quick drying, chlorine resistant, and a colorfast fabric.

What gives this swim brief some character is the contrasting rear splice. Here’s the colors you get to choose from. First up is Osiri, which is red and has a white splice. Zeus is black and also has a white splice. Then there is Atlas, which is blue with a lime splice. The color Apollo is black with a red splice. The last option is Adonis, which is gray with an orange splice. They do not give sheerness ratings on these briefs, so don’t know if the white splices will reveal some rear when wet or not. Of course, that is always a possibility with light colors.

The Ultra swim brief features a dual paneled front pouch for added comfort. The aussieBum name is on the left hip on the splice color in black print. The brief is to be machine washed cold and not tumbled dried. Like with any suit you should cold rinse after use and line dry. They say out of the sun.

I’m drawn to aussieBum suits that have other colors integrated into them. It’s nice to have some non-solid colors for a swim suit choice without them being too flashy. For me a little accent goes long ways. That is what I like about the Ultra swim brief. Do you like a little extra color in your swimwear or do you stick with solid colors?

BRAND: aussieBum
PAIR: Ultra
NEW COLORS: Osiris, Zeus, Atlas, Apollo, Adonis
FABRIC: 80% Nylon 20% Elastane
COST: $35.75

aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief Osiris
aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief Zeus
aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief Atlas
aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief Apollo
aussieBum Ultra Swim Brief Adonis

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