This last week in the UNB Patreon Slack we had a talk about Gary Majdell Sport swimwear. A few of the the guys really sang the praises of the brand. So I decided to check out what was offered. Upon searching through the selection on Amazon, more on that in a few, I noticed a really good thong that I thought could be perfect for Swimwear Sunday.

Many of you guys want to try thongs and one major problem is that some of the swim thongs can be expensive. Why not one that ranges from $9 to $14? Also, if you have Amazon Prime you get FREE shipping. So, this is a win-win. The thong I chose is Mens Solid Contrast Stitch Thong Swimsuit Gary Majdell Sport. Talking to the guys and I found out the Gary Majdell is only on eBay and Amazon.

One of the big bonuses of this thong is that it’s available in 13 different colors. This means no matter what your favorite color is you can find it in this thong. The pricing is the second bonus. You can get some as low as $9.99 and the most expensive I saw was $13.99. Even at the high end, it’s an amazing deal. Very few pairs of swimwear cost this little.

The important info is:

  • 80% Nylon / 20% Spandex Shiny Tricot
  • Men’s new solid thong swimsuit Gary Majdell Sport
  • Y back that narrows to 1/2 an inch (1.5 cm).

It’s not a slim back but has a Y-Back. It’s wider at the top and will go down to half an inch. But I say it’s worth a try if you’re wanting to get an affordable swim thong. We hope you will check out this thong. We have used our Amazon Affiliate link for this pair. Buy one or buy a few at this price. Find this pair on Amazon.




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  1. If anyone is looking for a fancier designer swim thong, I highly recommend Gregg Homme. They are more expensive but they are super comfortable and very stylish. I have the Gregg Homme Reef thong and worn it a few times this summer.

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