I take a mostly utilitarian approach to underwear organization.  My collection consists of more than 175 pairs of everything from the smallest of “anatomical pouches” to traditional boxer shorts.  Such a large stock requires using multiple drawers within the chest of drawers, with certain drawers dedicated to specific styles of underwear.  I also rotate what I wear within each style so that everything wears (almost) evenly.

For my “show me your drawers” submission, I chose one drawer dedicated to briefs and bikinis and a second drawer dedicated to multiple styles.  (Two additional drawers hold the trunks, boxers, undershirts, boot socks, and still more briefs.)

To organize briefs and bikinis, I place them flat in four separate stacks within the drawer.  Underwear most recently washed appear on the far right; underwear to be worn next reside front-and-center.  As the front stack is depleted, replacements are rotated forward in a counterclockwise fashion. (Pictured are favorites from Andrew Christian, Nasty Pig, Buffed Bod and N2N Bodywear.)

A Skubb drawer organizer from Ikea  ($7.99) helps corral socks, g-strings and K’Mando pouches in another drawer.  These too are roatated, but certain pairs nonetheless get more wear than others.  (Pictured across the top are g-strings from Andrew Christian, Hotline and Gigo, as well as pouches by K’Mando Sport.)  The Skubb organizer leaves about five additional inches inside the drawer, providing space for thongs (not pictured).

Avid readers who remember the Fort Troff Sport Trunk review may wonder about athletic gear – compression shorts, running tights, jock straps and swim briefs – that are undoubtedly part of the collection.  Well, that’s another story altogether . . . .


Osgon is a certified fitness instructor living in the Dallas, Texas, area.

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