When you think of sexy undies and gear, N2N Bodywear is one brand that comes to mind. They have turned sexy gear into an art form. Just when I think I have seen all N2N has to offer, Andrew breaks out something that makes me do a double take! The Sheer Onesie was a pair that did that. You can wear something under it or not. It all depends on your mood.

If you are familiar with their previous Onesie, it’s the same design but with a mesh white or black fabric. The design has a 3/4 sleeve and leg. This is not going to be a pair to keep warm in. You may get hot in it but for different reasons. Personally, I like the pics with a thong or jock under. Just something super sexy about that look to me.

This pair is great for a night in with someone special. But I wouldn’t bet on it being on for too long! It would be pretty awesome to wear this skiing and then take it off when you’re off the slopes for that romantic night. Just sayin’. This just reaffirms why I love N2N Bodywear! They are about making a guy feel amazing and comfortable in the gear he wears!

NOTE: we didn’t post the sheer with out anything under but you can see those at the N2N site.

COLORS: Black or White
FABRIC: 83% nylon / 17% spandex
SIZES: X-Small – X-Large (at the time of writing this, XL was out of both)
COST: $60.00 (on sale)

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