When you say Nasty Pig there are a lot of things that come to mind. They usually are Jockstraps, Socks, Onesie (Union Suit), Harnesses, and other fetish gear. Swimwear is not one of those things that are top of mind. But, they have had swimwear for several years. They are always super sexy. They don’t go skimpy but bigger more classic cut swim briefs.

I think there is one thing that all guys need in their drawers. One of them is a black swim brief. This pair could be that pair for you. It’s not a 100% classic brief because it has the Nasty Pig logo on the back of a neon design. Hence the name “Neon Collection.” The neon collection is a lot more than just a swim brief. It has shredders, tanks and tee’s as well.

As I said above, this is a classic brief. Meaning it’s not too skimpy and will fit many different body types. Not just muscle boys you see in advertisings. Nasty Pig has had “beefy” guys in their photos. That means guys who aren’t a 32 inch waist and have a bigger build. I would feel comfortable wearing this brief out to a pool.

If you are looking for a great pair of swimwear, make sure you check out the new Nasty Pig Neon Bikini. It retails for $59.00 at the Nasty Pig site.


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