Instagram is one awesome way to discover new brands. Tiger Heat Productions is one of those new brands. They have an awesome singlet they designed that I knew I needed to get more info about. It’s super sexy and one singlet I thought you guys may want to know about. We hopefully will be reviewing one!
Here is their story:
The idea of this innovative wrestling singlet came to me around one year ago and the sale started officially this past January. I have a past experience (almost 20 years) in fashion photography, that allowed me to understand and appreciate fashion design, plus I am Italian, so this product came out for fun and for willing to create something new. The idea was to bring the concept of the bodysuit (that has been so strong between girls from 5 years) in guys, with a touch of fashion and retro; so we have inspirations from the imaginarium of the bathing suits of the 30’s, the leotard of the 80’s, the “Strong Man” at the circus, the wrestling ring, the ballet stage and many more.
So the first prototype was born and after a couple of fittings and some “asking around”, we decided to make a production here in US; we had already created some little expectation on social media (mostly Instagram), so when we announced the produce was ready the first week got already several orders.
The second steps were to get some samples in black and today our Instagram profile is constantly getting new followers, orders, and requests… we are very happy! I think the main reason is the design (I really studied for the whole year to have something different from all the singlets and bodysuits already around) and most of all the sexy appeal that creates on the body: it really enhances the male forms, covering and exposing the most strategic parts. And this is what people tell us after they wear it!
Even if for the moment the market is mostly for gay guys, a couple of straight guys (modeling our product for photo shoots) told us that they were really feeling hot in it, so our goal would be also straight guys market, especially in the fitting, dance and yoga world… and of course wrestling, that is always at the top of the list.
We also want to create an artistic connection with photographers and artists, cause we feel it is very important: we encourage photographers to take photos of our products and customers as well, and also art and illustrations are always featured in our profile! So anyone interested in creating a collaboration with us is very welcome!
Want one of these singlets? Send Tiger Heat Productions a DM on Instagram.

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