WAPO Wear is a really interesting company. You may think they make awesome swimwear. However, did you know they know how to rock a jockstrap as well? Yeah I know it may seem like an odd combo for a company to have but they really make both styles so amazing. They emailed me the new line and I was like wow! The two lines complement each other.

I know these pics are small but click on them to make them bigger. The jockstraps really are a lot of fun! I was also hoping that they would make these in thongs. I could see them doing great things in the thong world. I know many guys, including a few UNB guys that would gladly wear the thongs!

This years swim is all about stripes anpatternsns. They are amazing! I love the cut and color pallette they have in this collection. It shows you that you can go with some great colors and have a classic cut and still be freaking sexy as hell. The main picture really reminds me of the 80’s hard core.

This is what they told us about the line:

The brand new collection of swimwear and jockstraps from WAPO Wear is finally here. WAPO is bringing 18 new hot swimwear and 10 brand new jockstraps designs!As every year, WAPO provides eclectic collection consisting of sporty, elegant, luxe and playful designs in various patterns and prints in vibrant colors but also in timeless black and white combination where everyone can find his very own WAPO !

Visit www.WAPOwear.com and see for your self. Let the summer 2018 begins !

It’s amazing that there are 10 jocks! If you are a jock fan these fashion jocks are amazing. When you get one in your drawer you will want all 10. Here are some pics featuring the swimwear!  Enjoy!

Photo: Ivan Oliva

Model: Manuel Suarez


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  1. That would be great if they made thongs! If you’re in contact with them please let them know!

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