We have a great model interview with Antonio Martinez. You have seen in with a few bands and here is your chance to get to know him a bit better.
Why did you want to get into modeling?
I got into modeling through dance and aerial arts… I was getting body and head shots taken and did some creative dance & aerial shots in short athletic shorts and was inspired to continue… the shorts definitely got shorter and shorter as I love to show off in thongs and jock straps!  I then started shooting nudes and now shoot all styles ranging from commercial modeling to erotic.
Why underwear/swimwear underwear/swimwear?
I love modeling underwear and swimwear because I love celebrating the entire male form.  I think men’s bodies are strong, sexy, and beautiful. I work very hard to maintain my physique and love to show it off in sexy underwear and swimwear any chance I get!  Great styles inspire me to model and show off all my assets.
What do you think sets you apart from other models in the industry?
My aerial and dance training definitely sets me apart from others models in the industry.  I know how to move through my poses because I know movement and angels of my body.  My stamina in dance allows me to hold poses and work for long periods as well.  Because of my awareness though, all my photo shoots wrap very quickly because I always get the shots very quickly.  I can follow direction really well and end up creating moments the photographer and director never thought of because of how creative I am on site!
You recently have done shoots for BodyAware, how did you like them? One of your shoots was on silks and acrobatic, can you tell us about that shoot? Did you have experience before on silks and what was it like doing it in Bodyaware’s amazing underwear? 
I absolutely love Bodyaware underwear.  They were a joy to shoot for… very unforgettable!  I love all of the versatility in design and fabrics that BodyAware has to offer!  I am a man of many sensual moods so each piece offers many different “Shades Of Grey” you could say!  Every Bodyaware pant, tank, and underwear is unique and super comfortable while offering tons of sex appeal.

I am currently in love with my mesh white pair of Bodyaware Underwear as well as the mesh neon leggings you saw me model while on the silks.  Both have a large pouch for my bulge and gives me a natural looking lift in the front and back side.  I definitely have to keep the pouches big =).

I have been doing aerial professionally for 10 years now and love using the ability to model underwear!  Aerial is already naturally sexy and so to get to perform aerial while in sexy underwear is fire!!
Are there any underwear/swimwear brands you’d love to work with? Why?
I would love to model for Andrew Christian for their online catalogue and social media!  To be a famous Trophy Boy would be a dream come true.  I have gotten to model and perform dance in one of their videos a while back… it was the ice-cream twirking video that when viral.  I was the model in green underwear hitting a split for the camera =).
What has been your biggest accomplishment in modeling? 
So far my biggest accomplishment in modeling has been my recent feature in DNA magazine shooting with Nick Hernandez and modeling different styles of underwear.
Outside of modeling and working out what do you do in your down time? What are your hobbies and interests?
I love learning… taking dance and aerial classes!  I love hiking and amusement parks as well as hosting wine and cheese parties on my roof top in North Hollywood, CA!
What type of fitness regime do you do to keep in shape, and does it change when you do a shoot?
I work out every day and do completely different work outs / training exercise all the time.  Its called muscle confusion and it is the best thing for me for muscle growth and staying lean.  I train aerial arts a lot as well and so me lifting my own body weight is great for being photo shoot ready all the time.  I also do a lot of partner dancing so lifting women and men in creative ways is always great for the body.

I’m always “camera ready” because of my healthy eating habits and constant training for aerial arts and dance jobs.  If I am aware of a photo shoot coming up though, I will lift just a little bit heavier and also kick up my cardio to get a little bit more definition.

On the day of the shoot, I hit the gym very hard to bring lots of blood to all major muscle groups.  If there is any down time during the shoot, I will perform pushups and squats to maintain blood flow.  I use body oils and a cock ring to accentuate roundness in all the right places 😉

Models can’t always eat great what is your favorite guilty pleasure in food?
I love pizza!!!  Any and all styles of pizza.
We are an underwear blog so what makes up your underwear drawer? (what percentage of briefs, boxer briefs, jocks, thongs do you have?)
I model a ton and I always get to keep the underwear… I have 4 huge drawers filled to the brim of underwear.  I have equal parts of briefs, boxer briefs, jocks, and thongs.  Each style gets its own drawer!
What is one word that describes you?
If you were stranded on a deserted island what is one thing you must have with you?
I must have my phone! lol!
What is your favorite color?
I love gold because of the color and what it represents… wealth, luxury, and power!
What is a fact about you that would surprise our readers? (are you shy? Love disco? Know all the words to Star Wars?)
It always surprises people when I tell them I am from Wagoner, Oklahoma… an extremely tiny town with no supportive art programs.  So I didn’t start my artistic dance, aerial, and modeling education until I was 19 years old.
Quick Fire Questions: Answer with one or two words
  • Thong or jock? Jock
  • What was the last movie you saw? Black Panther
  • Swim Brief or Trunk for the beach? Swim Brief
  • Do you work out in the morning, afternoon or night? Afternoon
  • What color swim do you look best in? White
  • Favorite beach in the world? Bora Bora
  • Dream trip you’ve always wanted to take? Spain
  • Fav style of underwear? (Brief, bikini, thong, jock, etc) Jock
  • Cats or dogs? Dogs
  • Comedy or Drama? Drama
Where can our readers find you on the net and social media?

IG: @AntonioMartinezLA (I def use the most)

Twitter: @AntonioAerial

FB: https://www.facebook.com/AntonioDancerAerialistModel

YouTube: Antonio Martinez Channel

Tumbr: AntonioMartinezEntertainer


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